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Henderson/Luddington CT/NS

Henderson/Luddington CT/NS

Jen Henderson (View posts)
Posted: 15 Nov 2000 12:00PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Henderson, Luddington
Looking for the ancestors and birthplace of Alexander Henderson, m. Lucinda Luddington 16 Aug, 1791 Manchester, Guysborough, Nova Scotia. Children: Mary b. 30 May, 1792; John b. 29 Mar, 1794; Archibald b. 24 Apr, 1796; Hannah b. 16 Apr, 1798; Alexander Grigor b. 5 Nov, 1800 d. 25 June, 1802; Alexander hugh b. 4 Dec, 1803; Donald b. 17 Feb, 1805; William b 29 Jan, 1807; James b. 9 Mar, 1809; Merriam Ann b. 5 May, 1812; Allan b. 17 June, 1817.

Re: Henderson/Luddington CT/NS

BarbaraCampbell97 (View posts)
Posted: 24 Aug 2003 6:55AM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 27 Oct 2003 4:56AM GMT
I'm also tracing my family from New Harbour ,Gyusbrough County Nova Scotia. I had to reply to your message. i have a couple of email adresses that may help you. I am a Luddingtonn Campbell from New Glasgow NS.Now living in Maine and am searching for Grandfather Henry ? Luddington MY dad Norman ,was a brother to Harvey, Joseph, Winslow, Charlie and none married but dad and he had 3 girls and his one sister Katherine also died but her last name was Cunningham.His mom was Jessie Laleseur not sure of spelling? I have one Uncle Harvey still living in New Glasgow who is very sick. I don;t want to see my dads family end there.Maybe we are looking for same family? I have been told records in Guysbrough Co, very well kept. If the family realitives of Sangsters and Gammons are in your Luddington history or even not try thesr: Malcolm Silver Douglas and Helen Sangster Box 12 New Harbour RR1, Larrys River, NS BOH!TO Chris and mellissa Cook, email ,chris, I also came across some news paper articles from a Carolyn Wallace I hope this helps and could you let me know if it same family or not? Thank you Barbara Luddington Campbell

Re: Henderson/Luddington CT/NS

BarbaraCampbell97 (View posts)
Posted: 9 Sep 2003 2:54AM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 27 Oct 2003 4:56AM GMT
HI there
I am sorry but I didn't understand your reply? I thought you were trying to find Luddingtons from New Harbour Guysbrough NS. I am a Campbell by marriage but was trying to see if we were same Luddington Family , as my Dad was Luddington from there. Please let me know if you are looking for Luddington I have been in contact with several people responding to my quiery on them. I was Barb Luddington . Thank you

Re: Henderson/Luddington CT/NS

BarbaraCampbell97 (View posts)
Posted: 28 Sep 2003 6:30AM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 27 Oct 2003 4:56AM GMT
HI I was just going thru boards again and seen no replies. I have been to a Mormon geneology search site and there are a few Alexander Hendersons for Guysbrough CO listed there it only gives birth place and dates but there seems to be a father and son there fron Guysbrough . Also there is Cementery listing For all of Guysbrough CO. I will give it to you also, I hope one or other will give you some help. Under Riverside listing there is a Alexander Henderson maybe two both guys. this is the cementery and the mormon site is. When you get to family search site type country canada in and NS. it will give you whole bunch scrool down to the two that says Nova Scotia. the place may be different that they were cencsus in but its NS people ok.

Re: Henderson/Luddington CT/NS

BarbaraCampbell97 (View posts)
Posted: 28 Sep 2003 6:56AM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 27 Oct 2003 4:56AM GMT
Hi again I lost this message three times so will try once more!!!!! Do you know who Ray Henderson is? Well he posted message on Feb, 3rd, 1999 if you can't find it try his email He had family history and Alexander Henderson and family were in it if I remember right. OK hope you have good luck Barb

Re: Henderson/Luddington CT/NS

BarbaraCampbell97 (View posts)
Posted: 29 Sep 2003 5:32AM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 27 Oct 2003 4:56AM GMT
Alexander Henderson Married to Lusina
Luddington 16th August 1791 & have issue
Mary Henderson born 30th May 1792
John Henderson born 29th March 1794
Archibald Henderson born 24th April 1796
Hannah Henderson born 16th April 1798
Alexander Grigor Henderson born 5th November 1800
(Note on side: Died 25th June ___)
Alexander Hugh Henderson born 4th December 1803
Donald Henderson born 17th February 1805
William Henderson born 29th January 1807
James Henderson born 9th March 1809
Merriam Ann Henderson born 5th May 1812
Allan Henderson born 17th June 1817

Re: Henderson/Luddington CT/NS

BarbaraCampbell97 (View posts)
Posted: 29 Sep 2003 5:46AM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 27 Oct 2003 4:56AM GMT
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Author: Cindy Gardiner Date: 14 Sep 2003 2:51 AM GMT
Classification: Query
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Seeking additional info on this family:

Alexander Henderson was born 1760 in Scotland, and died Aft. 1817. He married Lucina Luddington August 16, 1791, daughter of Titus Luddington and Miriam Parker. She was born July 20, 1773 in Wallingford CT, and died Aft. 1817 in Nova Scotia?.

Alexander Henderson is listed as residing in Manchester, Nova Scotia in 1784 and may have been a Scottish Loyalist.

Children of Alexander Henderson and Lucina Luddington are:
i. Mary2 Henderson, born May 30, 1792. She married W. Callahan December 26, 1810.
ii. John Henderson, born March 29, 1794. He married Margery McKay March 05, 1816
iii. Archibald Henderson, born April 24, 1796.
iv. Hannah Henderson, born April 16, 1798. She married George Cummings March 24, 1818.
v. Alexander Gregor Henderson, born November 05, 1800; died June 25, 1802.
vi. Alexander Hugh Henderson, born December 04, 1803.
vii. Donald Henderson, born February 17, 1805.
viii. William Henderson, born January 29, 1807.
ix. James Henderson, born March 09, 1809.
x. Miriam Ann Henderson, born May 05, 1812; died Aft. 1880 in Lowell, MA.
xi. Allan Henderson, born June 17, 1817 in Nova Scotia.


(A) Mary Ann Henderson was born between 1813 & 1816 in Nova Scotia; died Aft. 1880 in Lowell, MA. She married Alexander John McCoy Bef. 1835 in Nova Scotia. He was born Abt. 1816 in Nova Scotia, and died December 11, 1864 in Simmon's Point, near Nahant, ME.

Notes: Name given as Mary A, Annie, and Miriam in offical documents such as census. Family moved to Deer Isle, Maine about 1847; moved to Rockland, Maine, between 1850 and 1860.

Children of Mary Ann Henderson and Alexander McCoy are:
i. Selina Priscilla3 McCoy, born Febuary 18, 1845 in Pictou (town or township?), Nova Scotia; died December 18, 1907 in Carleton, Prince Edward Island. Lived in Lowell, Massachusetts from late 1860s to after 1900.
ii. Catherine Jennie McCoy, born June 15, 1842 in Nova Scotia; died Aft. August 1921 in Denver, Colorado.
iii. Henry James McCoy, born May 15, 1847 in Sydney (probably township?, Nova Scotia; died August 19, 1921 in Berkeley, California. Secretary of YMCA in San Francisco, California.
iv. Mary Anmargery or Amargery McCoy, born Oct. 10, 1834, in Nova Scotia; died October 26, 1923 in Deer Isle, Maine.
v. Lucy Ann born March 7, 1838 in Nova Scotia.
vi. Sarah Margaret born October 22, 1840 in Nova Scotia.

(B) Allan Henderson was born June 17, 1817 in Nova Scotia. He married Sophie Jane Greenlaw Abt. 1859. She was born Abt. 1836 in Maine.

Notes: 1880 Census, Allan Henderson, age 63 born in Nova Scotia. Father born in Scotland and Mother in Connecticut. Points to Allan as son of these parents. Lived Deer Isle, Maine, and North Haven.


Re: Henderson/Luddington CT/NS

dingbat10 (View posts)
Posted: 5 Oct 2011 1:06PM GMT
Classification: Query
Looking to sort out the family of John/John George HENDERSON, son of Alexander HENDERSON and Lucinda/Lucina LUDDINGTON. Have conflicting information and would like help to sort out the situation and find out which marriage is correct. If you have any information on John, please email me at
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