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Smith-Singleton- Clay County/Lincoln County Connection

Smith-Singleton- Clay County/Lincoln County Connection

brendacota (View posts)
Posted: 24 Sep 2001 9:26AM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 19 Oct 2006 8:38PM GMT
I have a book at home called “Early KY Marriages-1780-1850” which lists all the marriages that took place there in that time frame.

I have found a connection between the Lincoln County Smiths and the Clay County Smiths.

William Smith married Elizabeth Singleton 20 Aug 1789, in Lincoln County.
Richard Singleton married Franky Smith, 7 Oct 1808, in Lincoln County
Phillip Singleton married Nancy Smith, 2 Apr 1810, in Lincoln County.
William Smith married Nicy Singleton, 14 Jun 1814, in Clay County
Ann Singleton married Isaac Hide, 9 Oct 1812, in Clay County.

Richard Singleton is listed on image 20, of the 1820, Clay County census.
He is on the same image as Thomas Smith, SR, and John Smith. There were several Thomas and John Smith marriages in Lincoln County.

Thomas & Elizabeth Peter 28 Aug 1793
Thomas & Nancy Holton 23 Jan 1797
John & Mary English 9 May 1785
John & Eleanor D. Green 25 Jul 1785
John & Jane McCarthy, 9 Apr 1790
John & Catherine Rutherford, 7 Aug 1794
John & China Hart 17 Oct 1797
John & Nancy Godsmith 14 Aug 1806

Richard Singleton
Males 2(26-45), 1(18-26), 1(16-18), 1(0-10)
Females 1(26-45), 1(10-16), 4(0-10)

By 1830, looks like Richard had returned to Lincoln County.

Phillip Singleton is on image 22, Clay County, and he is on the same image as William Smith. This is likely to be William Smith and Nicy Singleton.

Phillip Singleton
Males 1 (26-45), 3(0-10)
Females 1(45+) , 1(26-45), 3(0-10)

William Smith
Males 1(18-26)
Females 1(16-26)

By 1830, Phillip had removed to Rockcastle County, p096. Smith families in Rockcastle, in 1830, were Alfred, E., Elijah, Greenberry, and William, p100. I don’t know if this is the same William who married Nicy Singleton.

On image 21, of Clay County, is George Smith , single, age 45+. There were two George Smith marriages in early Lincoln Co. One George married Polly Gordon, 27 Jan 1785. Another
George married Nancy Wash 31 Mar 1789. I don’t know if either is the George in Clay County.

I have been unable to locate Isaac Hide.

Will post if I find more connections.

My Smith line is Jabel and Rhoda Swafford.

Brenda Cota

Re: Smith-Singleton- Clay County/Lincoln County Connection

smithfwkyrts (View posts)
Posted: 24 Sep 2001 10:29AM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 22 Apr 2004 11:33AM GMT
Brenda, thank you for posting that. I spent a couple of days recently going through all of genforum with queries regarding the Smith's related to Thomas Smith. I am thinking I remember William, that married Nicey Singleton ended up in Indiana. It might be worth going through again and following up on it. I know that some of Thomas's other descendents went to Calloway, Missouri. I am speaking of Thomas that married a Davis. I am thinking this is right about the Smith's of Lincoln Co., are the Smith's of Clay. I know there was another line of Smith's that stayed in what became Madison Co. and of course Lincoln Co. I am searching for a connection to Thomas Smith. My line is Benjamin Smith, who is sposed to be Thomas Smith's son. Thanks, Pauline

Re: Smith-Singleton- Clay County/Lincoln County Connection

Brenda Cota (View posts)
Posted: 24 Sep 2001 4:32PM GMT
Classification: Query
Pauline, if you could find that query again, and get the county in IN that William Smith and Nicy Singleton went to, I might be able to find them in the 1850 census. Otherwise, there are probably as many William Smiths in IN, as there are in KY. I would have no idea which one to look for.

Phillip Singleton must have died before 1850, probably in Rockcastle County. There were two younger Phillip Singletons there in 1850. One was 37, and the other was 24.

There are so many Smith lines, it would take years for one person to sort them out. I'm just trying to see who connects to the Clay County lines, and sort them out. I have actually found several Smith-Davis connections, but none with a wife Eunice or Nancy. I don't actually know where Eunice or Nancy Davis originated from, do you? It looks to me like if one person found that Thomas's wife was Eunice or Nancy Davis, that others could find the same information.

Do you have any idea of the source for Thomas's wife's maiden name being Davis?

Thanks for responding to my query.

Brenda Cota

Re: Smith-Singleton- Clay County/Lincoln County Connection

Pauline (View posts)
Posted: 24 Sep 2001 6:07PM GMT
Classification: Query
Brenda, I will have to search for that query again. It will take me some time. I don't have a source for this Ms. Davis for Thomas Smith. I probably have received the same info as you. I know from the net, his son Thomas m. Eunice Nancy Lewis, and that marriage supposedly took place in Rhode Island. Hopkinton, RI on 11-29-1782, is the date I have. This is from Genforum also, so it will have to be verified. I will get back with you when I find the query I mentioned. Thanks, Pauline

Re: Smith-Singleton- Clay County/Lincoln County Connection

Brenda Cota (View posts)
Posted: 24 Sep 2001 8:31PM GMT
Classification: Query
You know, Pauline, I was wondering if our Smith line may have been from the New England area. I live in Douglas, MA, just about 3 miles from the Rhode Island border. I'm about a 30 minute drive from Providence. Hopkinton looks like it may be another half hour or so from Providence. I may just drive there soon to nose around and see what I can find out.

The reason I wondered about it was because I had found a Jabel Smith in 1800, Middlesex County, MA. There's a Thomas there too. I'm about a 45 minute drive from Middlesex County. We lived there until seven years ago when we bought our home in Douglas.

What got me even more curious was I had also found a Jabel Bowling. The name Jabel is not really a common name like John or James. So when I saw both names of course I thought of the Jabel and Rhoda Jones, and then Jabel and Rhoda Swafford. And I also remembered some Smith-Bowling connections in KY. I just haven't gotten around to trying to run down the information yet. Jabel Smith was not in MA, in 1810. If I can chase down the info, we might have a break in our Thomas Smith ancestry.


Re: Smith-Singleton- Clay County/Lincoln County Connection

Pauline (View posts)
Posted: 24 Sep 2001 9:00PM GMT
Classification: Query
Brenda, Sounds worth checking into. Please let me know what you find out. When I saw that posting, I wondered if this was the right Thomas Smith. Pauline

Re: Smith-Singleton- Clay County/Lincoln County Connection

FranSmithRobinson (View posts)
Posted: 25 Sep 2001 2:57AM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 30 Aug 2005 11:41PM GMT
Thanks Brenda for the info...I am related down the Thomas Smith line on my Dad's side and down the Benjamin Smith on my mothers side!!!! wow!...This could get interesting!lol

Answers to Smith lineage and more!

williamsmith2000 (View posts)
Posted: 25 Sep 2001 5:48AM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 27 Aug 2002 12:01AM GMT
Surnames: Smith, Sibert, Swafford, Davis, Gunn, Gum
Hello Brenda and Pauline and Fran and all other Smith researchers,

I descend from Jabel and Rhoda Swafford through their son Theophilous Smith who married Susan Sibert. I am going to try to attempt to answer a few of the questions that have been asked.

1. The only known source for the name DAVIS for Thomas Smith's wife comes from a biography written in 1876 in Calloway Co. MO in which Nimrod Smith, son of John Smith, who is brother to Thomas Smith states his lineage.

2. Nimrod also states in this article that Thomas Smith I was from England, came to America and settled in VA. His son Thomas II married a Miss Davis and settled in S.C. Then it goes on to name his children which were: Thomas III, Charles, John, and Moses and several daughters. All of these gentlemen show up in Clay Co. as I am sure we all know.

3. It also lists the children of John Smith, son of Thomas II, while it states that one of his sons was Abel, this could have been an error in the Type, or an error by the writer, or an error of Nimrod's being that he is so old and hadn't seen his brother in many years, it is believed that Abel is Jabel who married Rhoda Swafford. If you check the early Clay Co. KY census's Jabel lives next to John Smith.

While we all know that genealogy is not an exact science, we have to rely on the best sources for information that can be found. In my humble opinion, this biography is the best source to date on the lineage of Thomas Smith.
I have enclosed a type written copy of what the biography says, but I do have an actual copy of the article from the book. I am open to discussion on these and any other matters that relate to our Smith families. Hoping to hear from anyone who connects and has an opinion. And as always, I am open for any corrections or additions.

William Smith

PIONEERS OF CALLAWAY CO. written 1876 by Bryan and Rose
SMITH, Thomas Smith, of England, came to America and settled in VA. His son, Thomas, Jr., married a MISS DAVIS, and settled in S. C. They had John, Thomas, Charles, Moses and several daughters. John was married first to REBECCA JEFFERS, by whom he had William, John and Polly. He was married the 2nd time to SARAH MOSELEY, by whom he had Nimrod, Abel, Garland, James, Thomas, Edward, Susan, Nancy and Lucretia. Nimrod married CELIA GUNN, and settled in Callaway Co. in 1837. They had Isaac, William, John, Thomas, Elizabeth, Sarah J., and Nancy. Mr. Smith is still living in his 73rd year; his wife is in her 69th year, and blind.

Re: Answers to Smith lineage and more!

Pauline (View posts)
Posted: 25 Sep 2001 9:49AM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Smith Hall Hubbard Waggoner Jackson Smallwood Sizemore
William, Although, I don't have the book, I have been sent the same information, by other researchers. The only part I didn't have was Nimrod's age. They also lived in Georgia at one time also. This Thomas l, more than likely had more sons, (I hope). Does anyone have the daughters? Have been wondering what happened to Charles and Moses...Could that be the same Moses in the 1850 Clay census? I haven't proven my lineage yet, but have been working on this for along time. My line, as you know is Benjamin Smith who supposedly married Celia Hall. He is sposed to be the son of Thomas and Eunice Lewis, but I have not found the proof of it yet. This Thomas left a will, he had ten children but only named eight of them in the will. Does anyone have a copy of this will? If so, I would like to have a copy. It has been stated to me so many times by others that Benjamin is the son of Thomas, I have stuck with it trying to connect him with this line. I do feel there is a connection because of naming patterns and other reasons. Someone must of found evidence of Benjamin being tied with this family, or I feel it would of not been stated that way, by so many people.
I want to mention to, I have another line that probably ties to this family, I don't have proof of, and that is Sally Smith who marries a son of Benjamin, Milton, and I believe she is his cousin. Possibly the daughter of William, that Brenda mentions. The only other thing I will add that you didn't mention is our Thomas ll, who married Eunice Lewis was in the Revolutionary War and received land because of it in Kentucky. So, this is my input, and what I have to add to your info. If anyone else has anything to add I would appreciate it, and I could use some help with my line. Thanks, Pauline

Re: (Fran) Smith-Singleton- Clay County/Lincoln County Connection

Pauline (View posts)
Posted: 25 Sep 2001 9:58AM GMT
Classification: Query
Fran, What line from Benjamin do you descend from? Pauline
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