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lcflcflcf (View posts)
Posted: 3 Aug 2005 11:51PM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 1 Sep 2005 7:09PM GMT
Greetings from the long lost leslie foster. I have been working out of town and have not checked my messages for several weeks.

I will be going home next Thursday or Friday, and I can send you specific information at that time, but here's some info from memory.

We call him Andrew, but his signed documents as Andres.

The grave marker in Greene Co TN is definitely incorrect, and it does not list all the children of Andrew and Barbara. I have copies of several original marriage bonds, and I'll check to see if I have one for Betty.

Also, the original DAR application is incorrect. It mixed up the children of Andrew Sr and Andrew Jr.

Andrew enlisted in the regular army (Continental Line), not the militia. During this time Barbara (and the children) lived in Berkeley Co VA / WV, and court records indicate that she was awarded money ($5, I think) while he was enlisted.

Information at the Greene Co TN library states that one of his descendants in Greene Co is in possession of his Rev War sword, but as of this date I have not followed up on this interesting tidbit.

Andrew is listed as a veteran of Valley Forge.

I believe that Andrew Sr had a brother named John who probably was killed in the War. There is an unclaimed land bounty/warrant listed in the name of John Susong.

The Whisnants (Whisnands) and Baileys traveled together and moved to Indiana. I belived that a son (David Bailey) remained in Washington Co VA and may have moved to Greene Co TN with Andrew Sr.

There has been extensive research on the Whisnands, and I will send you those references when I get home next weekend.

There is some confusion about Andrew's land in "Ohio." He signed over some of his land in "Ohio," but there is also the confusing issue that land in the general area of what is now part of WV, KY, SW VA, East TN was called "The Land South of the Ohio River," and there are numerous old deeds which list this name for land in those areas. Later the area was known as Washington Co NC, then part of it was known as Washington Co VA, and part of it was known as Washington / Sullivan Co TN. Somewhere in that list of names it was also known as The State of Franklin.

One of the most interesting/unusual facts about the Susongs is that they were truly a "cosmopolitan" family. Andrew and Barbara's children married spouses of German descent, English descent, and Scots-Irish descent.

Part of Andrew's military service was under "Mad" Anthony Wayne, and documents indicate that approximately three fourths of this company was Scots-Irish. Therefore, this may be where the Susongs became familiar with different nationalities.

Another interesting fact - Andrew Sr, Nicholas, and Jacob signed a road petition in the 1790s (Rockbridge Co), and both sons had excellent penmanship (especially Nicholas), which indicates they must have been well-educated.

Hope you find this interesting - more later.

the long lost leslie foster

Re: Susongs

Debbie Hanson (View posts)
Posted: 7 Aug 2005 7:17PM GMT
Classification: Query
Welcome Back Leslie,

I had posted to you a few weeks back on this list. I thought you had left us, but it's good to see you are still here, and obviously still working hard at it.

When you say that the DAR records have mixed the children up are you referring to the application of Linda Ann Susong Koplin? As I see she states the children of Andrew and Barbara as, Nicholas, Jacob, Catherine, Andrew and Rebecca. I see that she omitted any mention of Elizabeth or Barbara, or are you speaking of a different DAR record??

It's good to have you back.

Re: Susongs

ransom5076 (View posts)
Posted: 25 Sep 2007 10:30PM GMT
Classification: Query
DEar long lost leslie,

I am descended from Alexander b.1798 through two of his daughters, Elizabeth and Nancy. That's kind of a complicated deal which I'll be glad to share with you.
I'm interested in anything you want to share with me re: the Susongs.
Alexander married Sarah Sallie Smith and our family has always claimed Elizabeth and Nancy were full-blooded Cherokee. Can you shed any light on this?
Also, have you seen any evidence that Alexander Susong met Darius O'Neil in the Revolution?
Thanks. I look forward t hearing from you.


Re: Susongs

peruser_1 (View posts)
Posted: 4 Mar 2008 2:44AM GMT
Classification: Query
My great-great-grandmother, Nancy Susong, has always been said to have been full-blooded Cherokee. I have just started researching the bloodline. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Re: Susongs

susuuni (View posts)
Posted: 21 Sep 2008 11:47PM GMT
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Surnames: Susong, O'Neil
Well hello cousin!
Nancy Susong is also my great great grandmother! Nancy and Elizabeth were sisters; Nancy married a Wolover and Elizabeth married an O'Neil and their children, Jesse and Sarah married and raised 13 children.

I have been researching the O'Neil family for awhile and have a lot more information if you care to contact me.

Re: Susongs

peruser_1 (View posts)
Posted: 2 Oct 2008 10:39PM GMT
Classification: Query
I have tried to contact you, but the mail is always returned as undeliverable.
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