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Judith A. McClung (View posts)
Posted: 12 Sep 2003 4:23PM GMT
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Help !
Who is the James Graham Sr. born in the 1700s and living in either Greenbrier or Monroe County VA. These men witnessed a will in 1804 for a daughter Jean/Jane:
James Graham, Sr.
Samuel Graham
James Graham, Jr.
Lanty Graham

Which Graham family is this? Can you tell me more about them? What is their lineage?


foxylady39 (View posts)
Posted: 14 Sep 2003 6:37PM GMT
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Hi, Judith. More questions than answers. I've recently started researching the Lanty Graham link to my Neill/Neal line -- the Neill's in Washington/Russell/Lee County VA 1774 or so. Monroe Co VA is now Monroe Co WV.

I find on Bulletin Boards that Lanty Graham was named Lancelot -- I've yet to see the Lancelot Graham as the name in an official record. The "Lanty" was carried down through the generations, one would think one of those gentleman would have signed something as Lancelot if that were his legal name. VA Marriages to 1800 ( has Lanty Graham to Lucy Coursey, 24 Dec 1792, Rockbridge Co VA -- didn't use his legal name for marriage record? Do you have some corroborating documentation of the Lancelot Graham as the name for this family?

Some information for you that I've recently found on the early Graham line in VA from Chalkey's Chronicles of the Scotch Irish in Augusta Co Va and the below are verbatim from the website of Chalkey's work:

"Package marked "Papers--1780 to 1790."--This is to certify that I, Robert Gewn (signed Gwinn) and William Forknor, executors, and uncles to James Neal's orphans, are desirous that there should be an order to bind Samuel Neal to Lanty Graham, and James to Robert Gewn. October, 1778. (Signed) Robert Gwinn, William Forknor.

MAY, 1771. (A). Sarah and Benjamin Harrison, Executors of Daniel Harrison, deceased, vs. James Blair, John Graham, Jr. and Sr., Lanty Graham and John Vaub ("Graham" is spelled "Grimes").--Defendant. Writ, 1st September, 1770.

MARCH 17, 1767. (P. 466) Commission for priv. examination of Jane, wife of Robert Gwinn, Jr.

19th September, 1780--John Graham, guardian of Rebecca, orphan of Lanty Graham.

Lanty Graham, on both Rivers of Calfpasture and waters thereof."

Found in War of 1812 Service Records, Lanty Graham, Lieutenant, 5 Regiment, VA Militia -- this is probably the Lanty Graham that you referenced in the 1804 date.

Not much, but every little bit helps, as the old man said when he spit in the sea. A note, William Neill of Washington Co VA supposedly married prior to 1800 Bathsheba Harrison, d/o Jeremiah Harrison and Catherine (maybe Adams) -- so the suit between Harrison and Graham above of interest.

Good luck in your research.


Judith A. McClung (View posts)
Posted: 14 Sep 2003 7:57PM GMT
Classification: Query
Have just posted this on the Ballengee Website:

Jane Ballengee's Graham Family
The main outline has been sent to us by Richard Graham, Researcher

WILLIAM GRAHAM OF SCOTLAND is the progenitor of this family. We follow here his son,

[ ] designates generation from William [1].
1. CHRISTOPHER[2] GRAHAM son of William [1] was born 1670 in Canonbie Dunfries Scotland, and died 1741 in Bullpasture Augusta Co. Virginia. He married MARGARET FLORENCE RISKE 1699 in Lancaster Co. Pa.. She was born 1679 in Scotland, and died 1761 in Virginia.


i. ARCHIBALD GRAHAM [3], b. 1700; d. 1751; m. MARGARET SHED.

ii. JOHN GRAHAM [3], b. 1700, Wackenston Perthshire Scotland; d. 1771, Tazewell Co, VA.; md.
ELIZABETH WALKUP, 1722, Augusta Co Va; b. 1703, Donegal co Ireland; d. 1779, Augusta
Co Va.

iii. ROBERT GRAHAM [3], b. 1712; d. 1763; m. JEAN HICKLIN, 1734.

iv. WILLIAM GRAHAM [3], b. 1715, Canonbie Dunfries Scotland; d. 1748, Bullpasture Augusta Co.
Virginia; m. JANE MAYS, 1739; b. 1700; d. 1756.


vi. JANE GRAHAM [3], b. 1720; m. JOESPH WALKUP.


Note: William Graham [3] died when only 33 years old. His brother, John, took in his family and reared them as his own.

1. WILLIAM GRAHAM [3], son of CHRISTOPHER [2] was born 1715 in Canonbie Dunfries Scotland, and died
1748 in Bullpasture Augusta Co. Virginia. He married JANE MAYS 1739, daughter of JAMES MAYS. She
was born 1700, and died 1756.

Children of WILLIAM GRAHAM [3] and JANE MAYS are:
i. JANE GRAHAM [4], b. 1740. Married Isaac Ballengee ca 1767.

ii. JAMES GRAHAM [4], b. January 03, 1740/41, Donegal Co Ireland; d. January 15, 1813, Augusta
Co. Va; m. FLORENCE GRAHAM [4], February 17, 1762, Augusta Co Va; b. 1744, Calif Pasture Region
Augusta Co Va; d. 1824, Monroe WV.

iii. DAVID GRAHAM [4], b. 1742, Calf Pasture VA.; d. February 1768, Augusta Co Va; m. JANE
ARMSTRONG, 1764, Augusta Co Va; b. 1742, Augusta Co Va; d. 1771, Augusta Co Va.

iv. ROBERT GRAHAM [4], b. 1749, County Donegal, Ireland; d. June 20, 1785, Amherst Co. Ky; m.
(1) MARY CRAIG; b. 1735; m. (2) MARY COWENS.


Note: These were the children taken in by John Graham, who raised them. James married his cousin, Florence, who was John's daughter.
It is interesting that you brought up the name of Lanty. Was just telling Richard about this. You see, Lanty Graham's daugther, Emily Graham married a grandson of Jane Graham Ballengee. Emily named her first son Atlantus Graham Ballengee. The family called him A.G. for short.
You can learn more about the Graham family by putting David Graham genealogy into a Google search.
I rather imagine that the immigrant family had a child born on the ocean crossing. They named him Atlantus. I have heard of this happening in other families. It was carried down through the generations. There are several men named Lanty in the Graham families.

I figure some researcher thought that Lancelot was a likely name and it just got passed around like that and took on a life of its own. It is a more romantic name but it is English and these Scots had been run off their lands by the hated English. Can't think why any of them would have given their child a clearly English name.


foxylady39 (View posts)
Posted: 14 Sep 2003 10:02PM GMT
Classification: Query
Thanks for the info on the Graham line, Judith. So Atlantus Graham maybe. I'll look into the Graham line more tomorrow, I'm in Germany and it's midnight here.

I was searching the Washington County Surveyors Record 1781-1797 on the internet, and plugged in a few of the names from my previous email -- Mariah Gwin (Givin) has property, 1782, also, Lauty Armstrong, assignee of William Boles 400 ac in Rich Valley, 1771 or 1781 (not clear on dates) -- Henry Grimes is there. The Lauty Armstrong caught my eye -- would be very easy for a researcher to see Lanty as Lauty. I would guess that this Lanty Armstrong is somehow related to the William Graham + Jane Armstrong marriage.

I don't see anything in the history that you posted on this email that connects Graham to my Neill line -- may not have been a blood relation, Lanty was the guardian of the Neill child, so not necessarily kin. I'll be watching for the name, however, in future research.

Thanks again.


Shelley Turner (View posts)
Posted: 31 Mar 2010 11:44AM GMT
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