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Twibell DNA Study - Summer 2006

Twibell DNA Study - Summer 2006

John Twibell (View posts)
Posted: 12 May 2006 1:41PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Tw
To male Twibells (and spelling variants) I am a UK forensic scientist working in a university dept and we have a student project to look at Y chromosome DNA. Y chromosomes are passed from father to son and thus every male carrying the name ought to have the same Y chrom DNA. ( mutations may occur every few generations and there may have been some bed hopping). I am looking for males willing to give a small blood sample ( on a special paper which can be dried and posted) to take part in the study.

There are 2 main branches in UK originating in Yorkshire in mid 1500s. Most of present UK folks are from these. Some spelling variants appear to have arisen in Rotherham/Sheffield. The USA branch believe that they came from Ireland, but probably went to Ireland from Yorks. I need contacts in USA and other countries, and in UK I need contact with descendants of the Barnsley branch who may now be living in Cheshire region. If anyone is willing please could you E-mail me? A study like this could show that we are all linked.

Please note that this work has nothing to do with any National DNA database. It is a different type of DNA and we have no contact with the UK database.

Re: Twibell DNA Study - Summer 2006

Harlan Twible (View posts)
Posted: 2 Jun 2006 1:56AM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Twible
My father came from Northern Ireland. Perhaps I can help.

Re: Twibell DNA Study - Summer 2006

John Twibell (View posts)
Posted: 2 Jun 2006 8:41AM GMT
Classification: Query
Harlan - thanks, please send me your contact details. I have one contact of your spelling so far, he comes from S Yorks. Regards John (

Re: Twibell DNA Study - Summer 2006

Rich (View posts)
Posted: 12 Jun 2006 1:05AM GMT
Classification: Query
I would be very interested in helping.Please let me know how to get started. My grandfather was Atkinson Twible.

Re: Twibell DNA Study - Summer 2006

Geoff Allen (View posts)
Posted: 13 Jun 2006 8:34AM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Twible/Twibell
Twible/ Twibill Family Summary
The name has been in Ireland certainly from the late 1600's, some in
county Armagh, and some in county Monaghan (especially near the town
of Castleblayney), which is only about 40 miles from the other group, and
another group in the nearby town of Dunbalk in county Louth. I am fairly
sure that the Monaghan and Dundalk groups are related as the names,
especially that of George is prevelant in both groups but not in the Armagh
Our own family tradition was that they arrived as soldiers in the army of
King William supposedly in the 1690’s, which is quite possible as the
earliest I have found the name in County Armagh, in the town of Lurgan
is in 1701, although in connection with a Quaker meeting, hardly a
soldier! Although there is a vague notion in our family by some of the
older members and independently from Harlan, that there was a Dutch
origin, but this is not really born out in research. Twibill in a dutch word
for a 2 bladed axe but it also corresponds to the old english. And anyway
the Quibell association is interesting which may be totally independent, or
some of them may have become Twibells, thus more confusing the issue.

The connection between the Lurgan group and the Monaghan group I
have not been able to prove as the records into the 18th century are patchy
at best.
In the process of researching the Lurgan Twibles, the Monaghan Twibills
were investigated.
Regarding the spelling, there are an amazing amount of variations, here
are the ones I have come across,


The oldest spelling in Ireland seems to be Twibill, which the Lurgan and
Monaghan families shared, however the same person is often spelled
Twible or Twibill in different records. the 1701 record is of Twible but
later Twibill. I do not find that Twibell ocurrs in Ireland, however the
Twibells of the Mid-west of the US are originally Monaghan Twibills.

The Lurgan Twibles who emmigrated in the early 1900’s retained the
Twibile spelling, but those who remained took the spelling Twyble, as my
great uncle who emmigrated to Australia in the 1920’s changed the
spelling and they followed suit! However, an early ofshoot from the
Lurgan Twibles are in Belfast, and retain the Twibill spelling!
So while spelling is a help in the later period it is not a good guide in
earlier records.

As far as I can see it is clear that the centre of the name is in the south
Yorkshire area, however it seems that the majority of emmigration came
from Ireland.

The main exception are I feel the Australian Twibles. there are excellent
internet records regarding William Twible who arrived as crew on a
convict ship in 1822 and died in 1847 in New south wales. A descendant
contacted us some time ago to see if we were related however, the records
find that he had left on the The Minerva, which was built at Lancaster in
1804 and was registered at London. In 1821 she left Sheerness with 169
convicts and soldiers from the 30th, 46th, 48th, 83rd and 89th Regiments.
She was commanded by Capt. John Bell and she arrived at Sydney,
Australia on the 16th December 1821. Although this is the previous year,
it would not have returned before 1822. patricia twible who contacted us,
said that there was a vague notion that there were 3 brothers and one went
to Australia and one to America and one to Ireland, but this may just be to
explian the existence of the various groupings, as the others predate the
For your study they are well represented on the internet. Yet, to
complicate matters my great uncle emmigrated and he had a son and
daughter and 2 male Twyble grandsons.

The Monaghan Twibills have contributed to the earlier period of
emmigration to the US. and the later emmigration to Canada.

There is a references to John Twible (Twibill) who was born in Monaghan
in March 1760 and arrived in the British army in the American colonies, I
think in the 1780's then transferred allegience to the revolutionary forces.

He eventually settled in Indiana and his descendants are largely in the mid
west, and their spelling is mainly Twibel or Twibell and ocassionally
These folk seem to be easily distinguished by their generally westward
distribution and are well represented on the message boards and internet
searches, so should be easier to contact. John Twible/Twibell is well
traced in his movements from Virginia to Blackwood county Indiana,
where he settled in the days of Johnny Appleseed!, and there is a Twibell
cemetary there.
Their geneological research is mainly restricted to America, as there are no
Monaghan Twibills left.However some did moved eastwards to New york
which confuses things but only slightly.

Other earlier settlers probably from Monaghan, settled in Lancaster county
Pennsylvania and Philadelphia, some of them moved to New York where
there were already Twibells/Twibills/Twibles. These New York Twibills
were again form the Castleblaney group and this confuses the picture
when a few more arrived in the 1880's. The distinguishing christian names
is often a help. In the Moangahn Twibills, the name George predominates,
at one time there were 5 or 6 georges at the same time, annd in the US
some Goerge Washington Twibills. The other names were Robert and
Matthew, with an unusual Christian name Munday! One was a sea captain
, later based in Pennsylvannia. In our family the names Joseph, William,
Richard and Stewart, reoccur. To confuse things my grandmother’s had a
greatuncle Joseph, from the Lurgan group who I believe moved to New
York as well and appears on the 1880 cencus.
I have not made any attempt to contact any of these, however I did contact
a desendent of a Monaghan Twible daughter who moved to New Zealand,
and they visited 2 years ago.
There was also a Robert Twible who moved to Ontario from this group,
and their family remains, you find them in reference to sking!

The Monaghan Twibills also live sometimes in the vicinity of the Lurgan,
one family within 5 miles of the others, but theere was no evidence of
them being aware of each other.

Form England Darryl Twibill contacted me regarding his family in
England which is descended from 5 Twibill brothers in Castleblayney,
who served in the British Army, in the Crimea and Indian Mutiny. So here
is the move back from Ireland.

But what about our line. Here is a brief summary. The earliest record is of
a John Twible inconnection with a Quaker meeting in Lurgan in 1701, but
there is a break in the record until Joseph born in 1790.
The farthest reference in our line that I have an unbroken reference for
that is not based on supposition is as follows.

Joseph Twible who lived in Portadown in County Armagh, had a son
Joseph born in 1812, I believe that Joseph senior's first wife died in
childbirth and that Joseph Junior later emmigrated to New York and
appears in the 1880 census. Joseph Senior born in the 1790 married
Margaret (possibly Stewart),(born 1797) in I think 1826, They had 6
children, Eliza, William, Margaret, Stewart, James and Richard. They
married locally, and Richard's descendants live in the Belfast area. I do not
know what happened to James, he may have emmigrated or died, or as
was the time, gone to Scotland for work.
Stewart married Letitia Atkinson in 1854 as the family tradition goes,
emmigrated to the US, possibly to his half brother in New York. But
perhaps only out for a short time to find work (being married at the time),
returned home in the 1860's rather than be drafted into the Union Army.

They had 8 children
Joseph, born 1855, my mother's mother's father, ie my great grandfather,
but because my mother's father was so much older than his wife, my
mother never really knew much about that side, but her Twible (Twyble as
they became) cousins were her own age and thus we knew them growing
up as well. Joseph ran a post office in rural county Armagh.
Letitia born 1857, emmigrated in 1900 and lived with her brother Stewart
in Enfield, Hampshire county Mass. I do not think she married as in the
1910 census she was still with hem I don't know what happened to her.
Margaret born 1870 married locally.
Atkinson was born in 1863. James was born in 1865.
Thomas John born 1867, remained at home and his grand children are
really the last of the line here, the girls married ,and 2 brothers one not
married ane the other with only a daughter, there is also a great grandson
in England but he is also unmarried.
Stewart was born in 1872, emmigrated in 1891 and married in the US to a
girl born of Irish parents in England who had arrived in 1892. They had
no children but Letitia lived with them. They both worked in a woolen
mill, weaving skills were widespread here in northern Ireland. I am not
sure when they died or if they were still in Enfield when it was flooded
(not literally ofcourse!) They do not seem to appear in the 1930 census.
Eleanor Jane (Ellen Jane) Twible born 1873, married a local man Edwin
Donaldson, but they both emmigrated to Manchester, Hartford, Ct. they
had 2 children , Edwin junior and Elinor. I have 2 fine studio portraits of
them taken in the 1930's.

Going back to James he had married locally and all his family were born
here and the emmigrated in 1904, they appear in the Ellis Island records.
They had 6 children, the boys were William and Edwin,William had 3
sons and a daughter. 2 of whom have passed away.
Atkinson, emmigrated in 1890 but returned home to marry Rachel Anne
Gilpin on 24 March 1892 in High Street Methodist Church, Lurgan Co.
Armagh. He farmed in Greenwich, Hampshire county Mass. and had I
believe 3 children Stewart, born 1895, his family lived in Hartford and his
family make up some of the Twibles, He had a daughter Evelyn and son
Stewart, who also had a son Stewart who I think lived in Canterbury NH.
My mothers cousin used to be in touch with this family.
Rachel born in 1907 .Robert Atkinson Twible, born 1903.

Regarding male descendants of this line there are 2 brothers here, one
married with a daughter and the other unmarried, also they have an
unmarried nephew in England. In Belfast there is left Joseph Twibill and
he has 2 sons.

In the US there are plenty of male descendants as Harlan also has a son
and nephews, and Rich would be his second cousin’s son.

hope this is all helpful.
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