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Coombs unusual name...

Coombs unusual name...

Beth Thompson (View posts)
Posted: 25 Feb 2000 10:12AM GMT
I am not looking for anyone really, I just think that our family name Coombs is rare and I want to learn of more distant relatives that I might have. The reason I don't have the last name of Coombs is that my mom is the only girl of 4 other boys so she married and I ended up with Thompson.
Our family is big, and spread out. My Grandfathers name is John M. Coombs. I would like to someday get started on a complete family tree, if you think we may be related or have any information, please contact me at, thanks.

Coombs guys

Bellthecat (View posts)
Posted: 10 Mar 2000 7:45PM GMT
Edited: 13 Jun 2002 12:44PM GMT
Coombs is Celtic name meaning a hollow in the hills. Tell me where your from and I may be able to point you in the right direction. My Coombses start with Anthony who ended up in Rochester, Mass. about 1700 after being chased out of Maine by the Indians. Branches, that I know of in Maine, Vermont, Mass., California, etc. Glad to help if I can.

Coombs Guys

Beth (View posts)
Posted: 11 Mar 2000 11:05AM GMT
I am from Michigan. Do you have any relations from here? Thanks for writing and responding to my message. I am looking foward to learning more about the Coombs family.

More Coombs stuff

Bellthecat (View posts)
Posted: 11 Mar 2000 8:12PM GMT
Edited: 13 Jun 2002 12:44PM GMT
A little messed-up in replying and i hope this doesn't get lost in cyber space. No, I only have in-laws in Michigan- Birmingham, Rochester, Flint, and Benton Hbr. -but they don't count.
As to my Coombses, many ended up in the Mid West. There are obviously quite a few who came over here. My first ancestor here was Anthony, who seems to have settled in the Brunswick, Maine area. got chased out by Indians in the 1680's, married in Wells, Maine. settled in Rochester, Mass. His sons filtered back to Maine around 1730. There are quite a few in Maine. As I said the name is Celtic (Welch Cwym)in origin. I think originating in the West Country of England - big in Cornwall. There is some family history that they were originally driven out of Britain by the Saxons, settled in Brittany and then came back after a couple of hundred years. If you find you're related to the Maine Coombses, let me know as I have quite a lot of material. Good luck. Bob C.

To Bob

Beth (View posts)
Posted: 12 Mar 2000 7:14AM GMT
Well, I don't know much about where we originated. I would have to ask some relatives of mine that have been trying to develop a family tree. I know that I don't have any relatives living in Maine. The farthest east anyone lives in my family is in Connecticut. Thanks for informing me about how the coombs family originated. I find it very interesting.

Coombs lineage

Carl Welsh (View posts)
Posted: 12 Mar 2000 2:25PM GMT
To Bo and others,
Anthony Coombs was the first Coombs to come to the
US in 1642. My grandfather, Benjamin Browne Coombs traces in
a direct male line to Anthony. See my post on Dec. 6, 1999
and the reply from David Vickers in Ohio. My mother had 3
brothers and 2 sisters in Conn. There is a very large branch
of the Coombs family. I have a very large file available to
any that might want it.


Carl Welsh (View posts)
Posted: 12 Mar 2000 2:40PM GMT
OOPS, obviously I don't type very well. Bob my last message was 11/30/99
not Dec. 6. The Coombs line has always produced a lot of children. My wife and
I are planning a trip to Maine this spring to do some research on several family lines.

Reply toBeth

Bellthecat (View posts)
Posted: 12 Mar 2000 5:43PM GMT
Edited: 13 Jun 2002 12:44PM GMT
You probably know all about this, but ask all you family (don't hesitate, as a lot of information has been lost this way) write it down - even traditions or stories give clues.If you can get back before 1900, try an LDS Family history center. The microfiches will have the births and marriages in Mich and wherever. The computer is a matter of plugging in a name and seeing what turns up. If you can;t get back to 1900, you'll have to go to the records in each city or village, then get back before 1900. Hope you get somewhere. Bob C.

Anthony and Dorcas

Bellthecat (View posts)
Posted: 12 Mar 2000 5:59PM GMT
Edited: 13 Jun 2002 12:44PM GMT
I see you have Anthony as 1642. I have always thought this was a conjecture perpetuated by Wm. Carey Coombs in his history. I have a feeling that Allister and Thomas might have been the first Coombses over. Anthony a boy surviving the New Meadows Massacre. Do you have the Woodins back through John's wife Mary Johnson ?
Would be interesting to know how Anthony got word of the job blacksmithing in Rochester. He must have been living around Gloucester, Mass. at the time. Would like to here your conjectures. Also my aunt pcked up a family story where a male Coombs is giving his son a bath and says "A Coombs in a bath in Bath (MAINE) who came from Bath (Eng.) How about that.

Anthony Coombs

Carl Welsh (View posts)
Posted: 12 Mar 2000 6:25PM GMT
I'm afraid most of my info comes from "the book" and from Dave Vickers in Ohio.
The info from my grandfather forward is all first hand. I have been unable to
acquire a copy of "Anthony Coombs and his Descendents". None of the major
web booksites have no record. We really haven't branched off the main male line.
Dave's e-mail is: . His research is far more extensive than mine.
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