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Nakia (View posts)
Posted: 3 Sep 1999 9:23AM GMT
What if we put the date out with the names if we would get a migration pattern to help put use all together and to figure out were some of use get our native american history from.
This just an Ideal Not meaning to offend any one.


Shockley-Native American History? (View posts)
Posted: 12 Sep 1999 8:58PM GMT
Sounds like a great idea to me.Just give us somewhere to start. All of the Shockleys that we have are Texas based, but I'll try anything! Thanks

Texas based Shockley''s

Gaye Ash (View posts)
Posted: 19 Sep 1999 3:13PM GMT
I read your message regarding some Texas based Shockley's. My relatives are buried in Sandy, Texas, thats in Blanco county.
Names, T.J. Issaih, L.B. T.J. was born in 1887 and died in 1918. He was married to Iva Luxton, it was his second marriage and they had one son. T.J. Jr., that is my father. He is still living and wound love to find a link to his father's family. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Gaye Ash

Shocklee family

Wilma baird (View posts)
Posted: 2 Dec 1999 4:53AM GMT
There are many families in KY . My husband's mother was a Shocklee from Livermore KY. They have a book that list all the Shocklees in the US. I am running into many dead ends trying to find their tree on the web. They immigrated from Germany, I think I have been told.


Don Shockley (View posts)
Posted: 6 Dec 1999 9:09AM GMT
I am virtually certain that "Shocklee" is a variant spelling of the more common "Shockley." In my research I have found the name spelled more than a dozen ways. So I would advise those searching the Shocklee line to also look at Shockleys. Richard Shockley came to the eastern shore of Maryland in 1671 and his presence there is well-documented. I believe that virtually all of us came from him, regardless of how the name is spelled. He could neither read nor write, so people spelled his name however it sounded to them.


Wilma Baird (View posts)
Posted: 6 Dec 1999 12:05PM GMT
I agree that the names "Shocklee" and "Shockley" are from the same linage. I am married into the family so I am not as familiar with their background but my husband's given name is Richard and I have found the "Richard" name passed down throughout the line.His granddad was Richard Elliott Shocklee(Feb.5,1885-May 9,1940) married to Lelia Stevens(July 4,1886-Jan.5,1970)from Livermore, KY and his granddad was Samual W.(?)Shocklee(Sept.2,1852-Oct. 23,1906) married to Ruth Howard.(1862-1931) I am only beginning to look for the family linage. Thank you.


hildajones (View posts)
Posted: 26 Dec 1999 12:46PM GMT
Edited: 25 Nov 2001 1:56PM GMT
Since you seem to the most learned on the Shockley research, I was in hopes that you could help me. I was born a Shockley daughter of Herbert Shockley b. Oct 22 1905
PCVA d, Feb 13, 1974 his father was Robert Edwin Lee Shockley b. nov 2 1866 PCVA d. Nov 2, 1936 Rockingham Co. NC he had a twin brother Charlie who moved to Mt Airy, NC with his family. Robert's father was James Madison Shockley b. 1838 in Stokes Co. NC he married Ruth Joyce and lived in PCVA this is where I am running into problems in the 1850 census in Patrick Co. Va lists a Alexander Shockley with the wife Mary who had 14 children at the time one of which was my grandfather James it stated that he was born in Stokes Co. NC but the problem is marriage records show that Alexander and Mary married in 1841 in PCVA, my James was born in 1838 this is where I am dead ending. If you have any information on the Shockley's that you would be willing to share my e-mail is there are lots of us out here and as you very aptly put it probally all related and descendants of Richard Shockley I just have to find the journey to him. Thanks Hilda

Shockley Family

Judy (View posts)
Posted: 26 Dec 1999 5:43PM GMT
To anyone interested in the Shockley name, my father's father was Charlie Clyde Shockley of Van Buren County, TN married to Ethel Judy Johnson also of Van Buren County TN. His grandparents went by the name of Mamie and Papie Johnson on his mothers side, not sure of his dads. His aunts name was Druceilla. Maybe this will help

Charlie Shockley

hildajones (View posts)
Posted: 28 Dec 1999 11:57AM GMT
Edited: 25 Nov 2001 1:56PM GMT
In the military records there is a Charlie Shockley born Jan 15 1888 in Spencer Tn. Van Buren Co. WWI draft registration. My Charlie was Charlie Calvin Shockley, who was in the Civil War from the Russell Creek area of Patrick Co. Va. this maybe your Charlie.


JUDY SHOCKLEY (View posts)
Posted: 31 Dec 1999 12:57PM GMT
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