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Ashley Plue

Ashley Plue

cedarb (View posts)
Posted: 7 Dec 1999 5:06PM GMT
Edited: 28 Feb 2002 8:58PM GMT
Looking for info re Ashley Plue, father of Helen McDonald Plue. Lived in Vermont possibly NY. Thanks for any help.

Plues of New York

BARTJURGENS (View posts)
Posted: 5 Jan 2000 6:47PM GMT
Edited: 31 Jul 2001 2:15PM GMT
I have not found an Ashley Plue but the Plue family was centered around Glens Falls NY. The family has a large grave site at the Main St. Cemetary.

Peter Plue was born about 1795 in Germany and immigrated to Vermont some time before 1807 when his first child Amanda was born there. My Great Great Aunt married John Plue in New York, probably Glens falls. He was born in 1896. They had a son Jurgens Plue.

I have a fair amount of info on this line even though it is not my direct line and most of the info is other peoples research. If you can refine your request to any other names I would be happy to check it for you, or even send a GED if it would help.

Bart Jurgens


cedarb (View posts)
Posted: 6 Jan 2000 11:10AM GMT
Edited: 28 Feb 2002 8:58PM GMT
I was so excited to get your reply, thank you. I really don't have much info even though he was my great grandfather. I'm certain there is a connection with Glens Falls as my family lived in Fair Haven. His name was Ashley C. Plue, married Helen McDonald, might have been born in Orwell, VT, that's it. Again, THANK YOU! Hope you may have something that can tie us together

Ashley Plue

BARTJURGENS (View posts)
Posted: 6 Jan 2000 3:33PM GMT
Edited: 31 Jul 2001 2:15PM GMT
Email me at and i will forward what I have.

Peter Plue and family

georgany1 (View posts)
Posted: 1 Apr 2000 1:25PM GMT
Edited: 17 Sep 2002 3:17PM GMT
I have Peter Plue and family in my records.
I have the list of children for
Peter Sr. Jr,Julius,Enos and Allen.
Amanda, the only daughter I have listed
for Peter Sr. married
Warren Fish of Fort Ann, NY where the family
Emiline (dau of Peter Jr) married
Leander Lanphear. Emily (dau. of Julius)
married George Lanphear.


klaplue9823 (View posts)
Posted: 1 Sep 2000 5:09AM GMT
Edited: 19 Jul 2004 4:02PM GMT
I am looking for information from Napoleon
Plue to the present, His Parents were Horace
and Laura(McCabe)Plue, His wife was Marjorie
Ingraham. The name was changed to LaPlue by a
small portion of the family. Looking for who
changed it and the "connecting" family between
Napoleon and the current LaPlues. These Plues
also originated in Germany.
Thanks for any help you can give.

Plue or LaPlue

Gale LaPlue Norman (View posts)
Posted: 2 Sep 2000 12:10PM GMT
My Grandparents were Lawrence LaPlue and Bessie Moore. Father is Dale LaPlue. Brother is Larry LaPlue. We have heard the story of a name change from Plue to LaPlue. We believed it was done by our Grandfather. My brother has much more information on the ancestory of our family. His email address is Would love to hear from someone regarding this.

Plues of NY State

BARTJURGENS (View posts)
Posted: 2 Sep 2000 2:59PM GMT
Edited: 31 Jul 2001 2:15PM GMT
John Jurgens Plue was the son of John Horace Plue(6 Mar 1896 Fort Ann, Washington Co., New York - Aug 1971 Glens Falls, Warren Co., New York) and Louise A.Jurgens(Jan 1896 Jersey City, Hudson Co., New Jersey 2 Apr 1962 Glens Falls, Warren Co., New York). I am in touch with John Jurgens' children. John Horace was the son of Horace Plue(1844-1926) and Laura McCabe(1857-1916). His brother Naploeon Bonaparte Plue was born Christmas Day 1897. They had three sisters Rose, Laura Lucinda and Sarah. My records show he was married to Elma McCabe before Laura and had four children: Andrew J., Effie, Ella and Minnie. Elma must have died between 1871 and 1889 ( gap between last child 1st Marriage and 1st in second). Louise Jurgens was my Great Aunt. Her brother Bartmann M. Jurgens was my Grandfather. I have Horaces line back to Peter Plue(1776) and Lorena Chase(1785) in Germany(which would question your theory) Alternate spellings: Plough, Plude, Plouf. Email:


klaplue9823 (View posts)
Posted: 2 Sep 2000 5:52PM GMT
Edited: 19 Jul 2004 4:02PM GMT
I haven't found a connection to your LaPlues,
Lawrence and Bessie. That doesn't mean one doesn't
exist. I am trying to find out who the person
was that changed the names. We are related to
Plue's in MI, and LaPlue's. Napoleon married
Marjorie Ingraham in 1927. They had one female child,
Napoleons father was married 3 times. 1.Eliza McCane
2. Elma McCabe 3. Laura McCabe Horace and Laura had
5 children Rose,Laura Lucinda, Sarah, John,and
and Napoleon Bonapart,(changed name to Napoleon Allen Plue).
The family has always claimed to be French Canadian,
I have traced the plues to Germany. There is someone
between Napoleon and now that changed his name
to LaPlue. I have heard that it was a Ira Plue.
I can't find who's child he was, or who's parent
he was. Any help you could give would be


klaplue9823 (View posts)
Posted: 2 Sep 2000 6:09PM GMT
Edited: 19 Jul 2004 4:02PM GMT
Well, we are definitely talking about the same
tree. Napoleon changed his middle name to Allen,
I have a copy of his social security application.
Horace was married 3 times,#1. Eliza McCane
#2.Elma McCabe #3. Laura McCabe (were they sisters?)
Laura and Horace are the parents of Rose, Laura Lucinda,
Sarah, John and Napoleon, as you mentioned.
I didn't know that Johns middle name was Horace. I have
them back to the same people you mentioned.
What I am trying to figure out, is who was
Napoleon and Marjorie (Ingraham) Plues'
daughter. Who were their daughters' children.
one of them must have changed the name. We are
related to people named Plue, and LaPlue.
no one seems to agree on where the change
occurred or why. Everyone believed that the
family was French Canadian. We now know that
they are descended from Germany. We believe
it was Ira Plue who changed the name, we can't
find out who his parents were, or who his
children are. Do you have any more information
possibly about Ira, or who changed the name.
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