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Peggy (View posts)
Posted: 14 Nov 2001 4:20AM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Hurdle
Here is what I have on Samuel & Carrie; Hope this is the one your looking for.


John Wesley Hurdle
b. 1/16/1848 in NC
d. 7/29/1914 in NC
m. 3/3/1870 in NC Virginia Ann Keaton
b. 8/25/1855 in NC
d. 6/2/1930 in NC
Parents: Samuel Keaton & Penelope?
(John Wesley was born out of wedlock, his father was Exum Winslow of Perquimans Co., NC)
Buried: John & Virginia bur. Hurdletown Community in Perquimans Co., NC

Their children:

John William Hurdle
b. 12/27/1870 in NC
d. 9/17/1923

Samuel Eugene Hurdle
b. 4/2/1873 in NC
d. 10/11/1935
m. Carrie Griffin

Their children:

Charles Milton Hurdle
b. 11/2/1896 in Perquimans Co, NC

William Quinton Hurdle
b. 7/28/1900 in Perquimans, NC

Nathan Shelton Hurdle
b. 7/16/1905 in Perquimans, NC

Eula Virginia Hurdle
b. 12/11/1911 in Perquimans, NC

Children of John Wesley Hurdle & Virginia Ann Keaton con’;

Mary Ann Hurdle
b. . 1/30/1875 in NC
d. 6/8/1875

Adelia Honeywood Hurdle
b. 3/29/1877 in NC
d. 12/12/1894 in NC
m. 9/13/1894 Christopher Columbus Symons

Lemuel Edward Hurdle Ed Hurdle line
b. 3/29/1879 in NC
d. 10/23/1929 in NC
m. 10/12/1899 in Hertford, NC Laura Perry

Their children:

Annie Louise Hurdle
b. 10/9/1900 in Perquimans, NC

Children of Lemuel Edward Hurdle & Laura Perry con’t;

Lelia Mary Hurdle
b. 5/6/1902 in NC

Lillian Alice Hurdle
b. 10/12/1907 in NC

Effie Mae Hurdle
b. 2/13/1909 in Perquimans, NC

Edward Lemuel Hurdle
b.6/13/1911 in NC

Edgar Howard Hurdle
b. 2/14/1914 in NC

Martin Luther Hurdle
b. 6/12/1924 in NC

Joseph Lenton Hurdle
b 2/7/1905 in Okisko, Pasquotank, NC
m. 12/19/1923 in NC Lona Bell Armstrong

Their children:

Doris Marie Hurdle
b. 1933-1935

living Hurdle

2nd marriage for Joseph on 10/24/1936 in NC India Marie Simons (marriage date may be an
error as she died in 1927) None of this makes sense. I need to check into this. 1st m. 1923 w/2
children one born abt. 1933-how did he marry in 1926 or 1936 (possible) but then India
supposely died in 1926.???????

Children of John Wesley Hurdle & Virginia Keaton con’t;

George Quinton Hurdle Michael Patrick line
b. 8/28/1879 in NC
d. 7/25/1965 in Bellcross, Camden, NC
m. 10/2/1901 Rosa Cornelia Griffin
b. 1/16/1879
d. 2/24/1965
Par: Humphry Griffin & Sophie Byrum
He is Bur: Hurdletown Community

Children of George Quinton Hurdle & Rosa Griffin;

William Wesley
b. 2/25/1902
d. 5/27/1942 m. 1/9/1927 in NC Mable Stallings
b. abt. 1906
Par: Asa Perry Stallings & Pearl Elliott
Son: George Quinton

Martha Hurdle
b. 10/31/1903
d. 6/5/1993 Norfolk, VA
m. 12/21/1922 Ernest Umphlett.
Bur. Forest Lawn Cem.

Their children:

Dorothy F. Umphlett m. ? Wright & lives in Gaithersburg, Md.
Mildred L. Umphlett m ? Caudle (lives in Norfolk, VA
Clarence D. Umphlett (Chester, SC)
James Martin Umphlett (NY City)

Children of George Quinton Hurdle & Rosa Griffin;

Alvin George Hurdle
b. 12/8/1908 in Perquimans, NC
d. 7/3/1967 in Elizabeth City, NC
m. 10/14/1938 Dorothy Williams
b. 1/2/1919
d. 8/25/1991

Their children:

Janet Lee Hurdle
m. ? Davis by 1984, living in Richmond, VA

Joan Elizabeth Hurdle unmarried in 1984 living in Richmond, VA

James Alvin Hurdle
b. abt. 1941
d. 9/7/1984 in Hawaii

Children of Alvin Hurdle & Dorothy Williams con’t;

David William Hurdle
m. Rose Allen living in Elizabeth City, NC in 1984.

Their Children ;

Wanda Hurdle
Pam Hurdle
Rita Hurdle
Toni Elizabeth Hurdle b. 12/8/1979 d. 12/8/1979 Bur: New Hollywood Cem.

Children of George Quinton & Rosa Griffin Hurdle con’t;

Dennis Quinton Hurdle
b. 5/13/1910
d. 11/20/1974
m. 1/6/1943 Gloria McGinnis
Bur: New Hollywood Cem.

Their children:

Dennis Qunton Hurdle Jr.
Shirley Diana Hurdle m. ? Patrick
Peggy Hurdle m. ? Fordham
Hubert Paul Hurdle

Children of George Quinton & Rosa Griffin Hurdle con’t;

Daisy Marie Hurdle
b. 8/12/1913
m. 11/18/1931 in NC Thomas Edward Lane
b. abt. 1910-lived in Tyner, NC in 1993

Harold Hurdle
b. 8/12/1915
d. 10/6/1916

Clinton Eugene Hurdle
b. 8/10/1917
m. 6/28/1942 Beatrice Cantrell-Lived in Camden, NC in 1993
Above information per Michael Patrick

Children of John Wesley Hurdle & Virginia Keaton con’t;

Mather Marvin Hurdle
b. 11/7/1882 in NC
d. 4/27/1966

Jesse Hurdle
b. 10/4/1884 in Perquimans, NC
d. 6/1/1938
m. Sarah Russell

Their child:

Jesse Willard Hurdle
b. 3/14/1912 in Perquimans, NC
d. 11/6/1988 in Perquimans, NC
m. Mary Ann Lane

Their children:

Mary Lee Hurdle Mary Hurdle Weeks line
b. 7/30/1941 in Perquimans, NC
m. W.A. Weeks Jr.

Their children:

Susan Diane Weeks
b. 8/28/1961

Sarah Marie Weeks
b. 10/1/1968

Children of John Wesley Hurdle & Virginia Keaton con’t;

Virginia Ann Hurdle
b. 10/26/1888 in NC
d. 11/14/1970

Joseph Lennon Hurdle
b. 5/10/1891 in NC
d. 7/5/1991

Claudius Wray Hurdle
b. 11/11/1892 in NC
d. 9/16/1938

Children of John Wesley Hurdle & Virginia Keaton con’t;

Nellie Mae Hurdle
b. 2/23/1895 in NC
d. 5/21/1963

Sally Hurdle
b. 1/8/1899 in NC
d. 1/8/1899

2nd husband of Julia Hurdle m. 9/21/1849 in NC Lawrence Garrett

Their children:

Easter Garrett b. 1859 in NC
Sally Garrett b. abt. 1861 in NC
Elsberry Garrett b. abt. 1863
William Henry Garrett b. 3/3/1866 in Perquimans Co., NC

Children of Martin Hurdle & Sarah ? con’t;

Thomas Hurdle
b.bef. 1725
d. 1770 in Chowan Co., NC

Children of William Hurdle & Elizabeth Ludwell con’t;

Joanna Hurdle
m. 8/15/1800 in Gates Co., NC Nathan Riddick

William Hurdle Jr.
b. bef. 1706 in Surry Co, VA

b. bef 1706 in VA
d. 1735 in Perquimans Co, NC

Re: Hurdle

LonaHurdleEngle (View posts)
Posted: 23 Apr 2003 5:48PM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 1 Oct 2004 4:37PM GMT
Surnames: Hurdle
Do you have any info on the parents of Julia Hurdle? I am a decendent of John Wesley Hurdle, through Joseph L Hurdle, my father was Charlie M. Hurdle.

Re: Hurdle

cpfinney (View posts)
Posted: 17 Jun 2003 2:17AM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 23 Jun 2003 12:40AM GMT
Surnames: Hurdle
Yes I do have some info regarding Julia. Please contact me privately and I will give you what I have.


Re: Hurdle

Bonnie Wolf nee Hurdle (View posts)
Posted: 6 Dec 2003 12:50PM GMT
Classification: Query
Hi Peggy
I am just getting interested in our family tree, You have some great Info on the hurdle family and its root's. I have talked with other family members and the line seems to stop at John Wesley Hurdle's Mother, do you have any more info on his mother's line, also my boyfrind and I are going to take a trip to Surry county VA and look up Parish records etc to try to find out when we first emigrated, (he lived in Surry for a while and knows some people). I will off course pass any info along as soon as I know,
My Dad is Clinton Eugene Hurdle and my Mom is Beatrice Marthe Cutrel.
Hope to hear from you soon
Take Care

Re: Hurdle

stokleyre1 (View posts)
Posted: 13 Dec 2004 6:00PM GMT
Classification: Query
I am not disputing the content, but can you give me the source that states Elizabeth's surname was LUDWELL?

Re: Hurdle

Peggy (View posts)
Posted: 13 Dec 2004 11:58PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Hurdle
I beleive that her last name was Ludwell and she was the daughter of Col. Ludwell but have no real proof of this. I have her will though.

Re: Hurdle

Michael Hurdle (View posts)
Posted: 14 Dec 2004 1:25AM GMT
Classification: Query
The name Ludwell was a supposition on my part. The Ludwells as many know, were a prominent Tidewater Virginia family. In the titheable lists of Lawnes Creek Parish, Surry County VA from 1695 to 1703, William Hurdle is listed along with slaves which were named as belonging to both him and Philip Ludwell. This Colonel Philip Ludwell, according to the Virginia Historical Register, had two daughters and a son by his first wife, Lucy (Higginson) (Burwell) Bernard, but most accounts only mention son Philip Ludwell, who was born 4 February 1762, and daughter Jane Ludwell, who later married Colonel Daniel Parke. Colonel Ludwell married secondly sometime between 1677 and 1680 to Lady Frances Berkeley, widow of Governor Sir William Berkeley, by whom he had no children. It is possible that this second unnamed daughter could have been our Elizabeth Hurdle, but we have yet to prove this in any way. The only other possible clue is that there is a large family of Hurdle descendants in Somerset County, England, which is where the Ludwells came from in the 1600s.

A couple of years ago I had the fortune to visit Chippoke's Plantation in Surry County, VA, which belonged to the Ludwell family at one time and I feel very certain that our William Hurdle was some sort of overseer of that property.

While none of this confirms the maiden name of Elizabeth Hurdle who died in 1747 in Surry County, VA, it certainly is food for thought and hopefully further research will eventually provide the answers, as well as the parentage of William Hurdle and his relationship to Robert Hurdle of Prince Georges County, MD.


Re: Hurdle

CMPerry (View posts)
Posted: 23 Apr 2008 6:36PM GMT
Classification: Marriage
Surnames: Lowe, Garrett
State of North Carolina
Pasquotank County
To any Minister of the Gospel, or Justice of the Peace of said County.
John H. Long having applied to me for a license for the
marriage of David W. Lowe of Pasquotank County
and State of N. Carolina aged 21 years
son of Wm and Nancy Lowe of Perquimans
County and State of N.C. and Sarah M. Garrett of
Pasquotank County and State of N.C. aged 21
years daughter of Laurence and Julia Garrett
of Perquimans County and State of N.C.
And there being no legal impediment to such marriage known to me you
are hereby authorized, at any time within one year from this date, to sol-
emnize the
Rite of Matrimony
between said parties at any place within this County.
You are requested within two months after you shall have celebrated such
marriage, to return this License to me, at my office, with your signature
subscribed to the Certificate under this License, and with the blanks therein
filled according to the facts, under penalty of forfeiting two hundred dollars to
the use of any person who shall sue for the same.
Issued this 11th day of November 1876.
T. P. Wilcox
Register of Deeds of County

I, J. T. Newbould a Justice of the Peace united in
Matrimony David W. Lowe and Sarah M. Garrett
parties Licensed above on this 22 day of November 1876.
at the house of William Newbould in Mt Herman Township
and Pasquotank County.
Witness present at Marriage John T. Newbould
Justice of the Peace

Re: Hurdle

redneckjohndeere630 (View posts)
Posted: 14 Mar 2011 4:12PM GMT
Classification: Query
If you want to go further, John Wesley's child, Nathan Shelton Hurdle was my great grandfather. He married Sallie Ella Twine. They had Belinda Kay Hurdle, Jack Ronald Hurdle, Floyd Hurdle, Kathleen Hurdle, Nathan Shelton Hurdle Jr.

Directly down to me, my grandmother is Belinda Kay Hurdle (Long), her children are Joseph Wayne (Crow) Long, Karen Denise Long (Wheeler) and Holly Renee Long. I am Mariah Bethany Long, the only child of Wayne.

Re: Hurdle

LonaHurdleEngle (View posts)
Posted: 14 Mar 2011 8:06PM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 14 Mar 2011 8:15PM GMT
The John Wesley Hurdle in my line was born 16Jan1848 and died 29Jul1914, in Perquimans County, NC. I don't show he has a son named Nathan Shelton Hurdle. Would like to know if there is a connection. Thanks for your posted info.
** Just found the family link you spoke of on Family Search - thanks.
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