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3 McCain brothers???

3 McCain brothers???

Stephen McCain Clan (View posts)
Posted: 21 May 1999 4:48AM GMT
I was told by my grandfather that there were 3 brothers McCaan or McClain, that immigrated to NY. Because of a political murder, or something like that, they changed their name to McCain and headed south. One ended up in Florida. (My great, great grandfather)
Anyone heard this?

3 brothers

stephen (View posts)
Posted: 22 May 1999 6:46AM GMT

i have heard the same story asbout three brothers. one wnet to the nc area. his was hugh j mccain.

McCain Family

LWheeler0296 (View posts)
Posted: 4 Jul 1999 4:12PM GMT
Edited: 17 Jul 2004 9:32PM GMT
Did your gggfather migrate to n.y. from Ireland? and does the name Dixon have any meaning to you? email me at if I rang any bells. Thanx

McCain,1700''s New Jersey

B.Cain (View posts)
Posted: 4 Sep 1999 6:07PM GMT
Looking for a possible connection to our CAIN
surname in New Jersey.

There were McCain's in Somerset County,NJ
and also CAIN's.
We have a Joseph CAIN who married Margaret
PERRINE in 1790.

I suspect that his father was a McCain from
Ireland.They were probably Presbyterian.

Also found the names William McCain,who served as in the
New Jersey Milita in the Rev War.

And a Daniel McCain married Prosilla GASTON
in 1771 Somerset County,NJ.Both were from Somerset Co,NJ

Thank you for any info and will share what I do have too.

Barbara Cain

three brothers/ one in fl.

Denise (View posts)
Posted: 29 Feb 2000 12:42AM GMT
My gggrandfather John Thomas McCain ended up in Fl as well.. altho not from NY. Does Rufner run in your family?

McCain's in NJ.

Jerry Cain (McCain) (View posts)
Posted: 10 Apr 2000 4:58PM GMT
Hello, Have you looked at a book written by
Mable McFatridge-McCloskey and Titled "Some
Descendents of James McCain Sr. of Somerset County New Jersey? It was published by; Old Swimming Hole Press of Greenfield, Ind. in 1952. I used to have the book number and Microflich mumber too, but I sent it to my nephew and he lost it. Check with any
check with any LDS Family History Library and you can get it on microfilm.

Jerry Cain

McCain in New Jersey

Barbara Cain (View posts)
Posted: 10 Apr 2000 6:02PM GMT
Hello Jerry,

Thank you for you assistance.
I did try to locate the book and even called
the Bridgewater Twp.Somerset Library and they
do not have it!!I have been unable to find it through
inter-library loan also.

Now at least I know who and when it was published.Thanks

I will attempt to locate it via the FHC;as you
think they had it on microfilm.

Thank you,
Barbara Cain

Re: McCain,1700''s New Jersey

LWannamaker39 (View posts)
Posted: 9 Oct 2003 1:56AM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: McCain, McCane
I have a Daniel McCain that married Priscilla Gaston24 Sept 1771. His father was a James McCain (my great, great, great, great grandfather). James was born in 1695 in Ulster, Northerrn Ireland to a Donald McCain and ?. Donald McCain came from Scotland to Northern Ireland around 1690. James immigrated from Northern Ireland to Basking Ridge, Somerset County, NJ before 1728. I have more info on McCains if you want. I am specifically looking for more information on my great great grandfather Daniel McCain (McCane), born 1802 in New Jersey and later moved to Wyoming County, PA. I have seen this McCain family named spelled a lot of different ways - McCane, Cane, Cain, etc., makes it very hard to trace this family. Most of this particular McCain family that came from Northern Ireland to Somerset county, NJ moved to Ohio, my great great grandfather Daniel McCane was the only one that moved to PA. Hope this may have helped you. Check out book "Some descendents of Daniel McCain".

Re: McCain,1700''s New Jersey

Jerry Cain (View posts)
Posted: 9 Oct 2003 4:45AM GMT
Classification: Query
Your information sounds interesting. My ancestor, Alexander McCain, was mentioned by my father as living in Pennsylvania at one time. My family was never close and no written record remains of the early days and who started the family in America. The fartherest back I can trace anyone is 1842 when my ancester, Alexander McCain was married to Charlotte Hawley. Where can I find the book,"Decendents of Daniel McCain"? I found in the "US Land Patent Office"' that numerous Cain members filed for patents in in Wisconsin and Minnesota in the year 1848, this might be interesting to follow up.

Jerry Cain

Re: McCain,1700''s New Jersey

LWannamaker39 (View posts)
Posted: 9 Oct 2003 6:28PM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 16 Nov 2006 4:29PM GMT
Surnames: McCain, McCane, Cain
I don't have any Alexander McCain in my records. You can order microfilm from your local LDS Family History Library for the book "Some descendents of James McCain Sr., of Somerset County, NJ", microfilm order # 874491, item #6. Also the book is on but can access it only if you are a full member of and have Heritage Quest.
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