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Bill Brauker (View posts)
Posted: 29 Nov 1999 3:16PM GMT
I have had problems tracing back to Ireland. My family name was ELLIGET. I have them back to 1845 in Canada, but don't know when they came from Ireland. I know that they come from the Kerry County McELLIGOTTS because many years ago, my great aunt told me so.

I have been to Kerry County, and visited Ballymacelligott, where some of the McELLIGOTTs lived.

My family migrated: Canada to NY, OH, MI.

I would be interested in whatever information you have on McELLIGOTT.

Bill Brauker

Here is what I have on my line:

Descendants of Patrick Elliget

Generation No. 1

1. PATRICK1 ELLIGET was born in Ireland. He married MARY.

Birthplace also listed on one document as Scotland.

According to my great aunt, the ELLIGET family descends from the MacELLIGOTTS of Kerry County, Ireland.

In Kerry County on the Dingle Peninsula, in the 1834-5 Census, there is a Patt McEllegett listed, living at Lateeve More, Kilmalkeda. In the 1851-2 Griffith's Valuationr, a Patrick McElligott is listed, living at Lateeve More, Kilmalkedar.

The book "Families of County Kerry" - says this about MacELLIGOTT.

Mac Elligott (it's listed under the letter 'E')

Some 103 Macelligott families are given in Co. Kerry. Anciently the family lands were between Listowel and Tralee and Castleisland, and the castles of Carrignafeela, and Arabella and Bernagrillagh were held by them in ballymacelligott. the family arms are given by King as azure, a tower triple towered, argent; the crest a falcon rising, wings expanded and endorsed proper; the motto: Si Deus Quis contra.

Mary MacElligott in 1297 was the wife of Maurice Fitz Maurice and she had as her marriage dowry the lands of Galey, O'Brennan and Cloghanmackin. In 1584, Ulick Mac Thomas Eligot of Carrignefeilge held Bally Mac Elligott and Tullygarron, which were granted to Sir T. roper in 1613. In 1588, Morris mac Eligott held Ballygrillaghe Castle. In 1597, the lands of Thomas Mac Elligott in Galey and of John Mac Thomas, were granted to Edmond Barrett and Wm. O'Ronan and George Isham and Thomas Fitz Maurice, the Baron of Lixnaw. In 1619 John Mac Elligott, son of Thomas and nephew of Maurice, inherited the family estate in Ball Mac Elligott and Ballyseedy parishes; he was the son in law of Bishop Crosbie and sold Tulligarron to Daniel Chute in 1630, when the latter married his daughter, Johanna.

In 1653, Edmond of Galey and Mce. of Bally mac Elligott were forfeiting proprietors. Edmond Mac Gerald Mac Elligott of Ballydonohuein Galey was pardoned in 1594, and from him was descended Edmond of Ballylongford b. 1749, whose tomb is at Lislaghtin Abbey; his daughter Mary 1785-1871, M. Ryan of Kilrush; his dau. Margaret b. 1800, married D'Arcy of New York. His son Michael 1776-95, d.s.p.; his son Gerald b. 1792, m. Ellen O'Connor of Listowel, having Gerald, b. 1828, m. Eliz. Adams of Listowel, having Gerald d. 1885; Edward d. 1871; John m E. cussen and dsp. 1896.

In 1688, Col. Roger Mac Elligott of Bally Mac Elligott raised a foot regiment which served in England, and was M.P. for Ardfert in 1689; he surrendered Cork city as Governor in 1689, fought at the Battle of the Boyne, was a prisoner in the Tower of London until 1697; was exchanged to France and took command of the regiment de Clancarty of the Irish Brigade. His son, Capt. Charles, won the Cross of St. Louis at Fontenoy in 1745. J. King reported that Dr. Maurice g. Mac Elligott was researching Austria and Europe for individuals of the name and listed several of the family members found, in his work. Several of the name are found in the Austrian Army, including Baron MacElligott who was born at Tralee in 1752, entering that army in 1770 and was buried at Saint Jakob's Church in Brunn.

This is another old family of Co. Kerry, from whom the parish of BallymacElligot is said to be named. One account gives the name of MacElligot to actually be a form of McLeod. Lodge's Peerage says that in the 13th century that a Fitzmaurice was married to the daughter of Sir John McLeod of Galway, and that others of this family of McLeod settled in Co. Kerry. The name of McLeod was changed to MacElligot, thus giving the MacElligot family a pedigree from the noted Scots clan McLeod. Of the reliability of this I do not know. Others have said MacElligot is a truncated form of MacGillicutty, (i.e. Mac Gillicut = Mac Elligott).

Ballingrilough Castle belonged to the MacElligotts. (BallyMacElligott Parish). Carrignafeela, the stone fort of the poets, was another macElligott castle, where Arthur Denny died in 1619. As Tralee was in ruins, the Dennys used this castle as the manor house in 1588. It was afterwards the home of Wm. Ryeves and Alice Spring. Mr. Verdon lived here in 1756. Arabella was a third castle of the MacElligotts.

Chute Hall (1846) was acquired by marriage from the Mac Elligotts in 1630 by Daniel Chute. Richd. Chute lived here in 1756.

In "The History of Ballymacelligott and Its People", published 1997 by Ballymacelligott Active Retirement Association, Printed by Kingdom Printers. (Paperback, 156 pages). On page 13 is a somewhat rambling article "McElligott's Castle" attributed to Fr. John O'Donovan (1841), which
begins: "In the centre of the townland of Arabella in this parish are the
ruins of a castle called McElligott's Castle. Nothing remains of it at present, but traces of a foundation and a portion of one wall, thirty feet in length and
about twelve feet in height at the south east corner."

It seems the castle was wrecked by Oliver Cromwell Co. (Charles Sullivan)

2. i. JOHN2 ELLIGET, b. August 18, 1845, Ontario, Canada; d. November 19, 1918, Sturgis, Michigan.

Generation No. 2

2. JOHN2 ELLIGET (PATRICK1) was born August 18, 1845 in Ontario, Canada, and died November 19, 1918 in Sturgis, Michigan. He married MARIA MAHAFFEY January 30, 1871 in Cuyahoga (Cleveland) Ohio, daughter of WILLIAM MAHAFFEY and REBECCA ROACH.

He is listed as John Elligel, (sic) in the LDS IGI Ohio noting his marriage.

There is an immigration listing that is probably him: ELLEGITT, John Ashtabula Co, OH. 1875-1906 160p. 24- (4 1986-90) Ashtabula Co. Gen. Soc. Index of the Nat. Records of Ash. Co. Ohio 1982

John and Marie moved to Coldwater in 1898 according to Marie's obituary.

According to her son Edward's death certificate and her obituary, she was born, September 18, 1852. in Oshway, Quebec, Canada. (I believe that is a mistake and that it was actually, Oshawa, Ontario, which is close to Toronto, where John ELLIGET lived.) She moved to Buffalo, NY and then to Cleveland, OH where she married John ELLIGET, 1 Jan 1871. She died Feb. 18, 1933, City of Coldwater, age, 80 years, 5 months, 0 days. She lived at 160 Walnut St., when she died, which is just down the street from where my brother Jack currently lives at 172 Walnut St. She was proceeded in death by her husband and six children. Her parents were William MAHAFFEY and Rebecca ROACH, both born in Ireland. (according to her death certificate) Marie was buried in Sturgis, Michigan.

3. i. WILLIAM PATRICK3 ELLIGET, b. January 18, 1891, Hillsdale, Michigan; d. July 09, 1962, Coldwater, Michigan.
ii. EDWARD ELLIGET, b. March 25, 1881, Farville, Indiana; d. December 24, 1944, Coldwater, Michigan.

While walking in a snowstorm near his home, he was struck by a car and killed.

vi. MARGARET ELLIGET, b. March 24, 1887; d. January 17, 1970, Coldwater, Michigan; m. FRANK LEFEVOUR.

Generation No. 3

3. WILLIAM PATRICK3 ELLIGET (JOHN2, PATRICK1) was born January 18, 1891 in Hillsdale, Michigan, and died July 09, 1962 in Coldwater, Michigan. He married NELLIE EVA DRAKE January 01, 1913 in Coldwater, Michigan, daughter of DAVID DRAKE and MARY SWOVELAND.

4. i. MARGARET MAE4 ELLIGET, b. May 25, 1927, Elkhart, Indiana; d. September 28, 1974, Battle Creek, Michigan.
ii. JOSEPH ELLIGET, b. November 16, 1922.
iii. ELIZABETH (BETTY) ELLIGET, b. November 01, 1919.
vi. ROBERT ELLIGET, b. December 18, 1920; d. July 17, 1991.

Generation No. 4

4. MARGARET MAE4 ELLIGET (WILLIAM PATRICK3, JOHN2, PATRICK1) was born May 25, 1927 in Elkhart, Indiana, and died September 28, 1974 in Battle Creek, Michigan. She married ROBERT GLEN BRAUKER October 12, 1947 in Coldwater, Michigan, son of GLENN BRAUKER and CLARA LANGOHR.

5. i. WILLIAM CHARLES5 BRAUKER, b. 1948, Coldwater, Michigan.
iii. JACK E. BRAUKER, b. 1952.
iv. ROBIN BRAUKER, b. 1953.
v. TINA BRAUKER, b. August 21, 1956, Coldwater, Michigan; d. August 21, 1956, Coldwater, Michigan.

cussen relatives

paula cussen (View posts)
Posted: 17 Feb 2000 7:26PM GMT
My grandfather was James J Cussen, born in the 1880. His father or grandfather, not sure, lived in Dublin, Ireland and was a proffessor. This all I know. James was living in Chicago when he married Pearl Shannon. My father was born to this union in 1904. They were divorced which is unusual for Catholics then. My father, John Paul [Shannon}Cussen was raised by his grandmother Dell McCaffery Shannon. The McCaffery's came to the ststes from Canada also. I have been to Ireland also and copied the Dublin phone listings for Cussens. I only had 2 days as I was on my way to meet family in England for a DODS school graduation for my granddaughter at High Wycombe. High stress trip. I was alone and not bold enough to call strangers in Dublin. Hope to return in the next year or two. New to the internet, just retired from teaching history and I only use this new fangled gadget for family research. If you have Celtic Games in your area, there are always people there with research information,and they enjoy helping you even if it not directly related to their family groups. Cussens in Limerick I found on internet informed me that the family name goes back to Limmerick and Tipperary mainly. Check out Cussen's guest cottage and vegan restaurant in Limerick. So glad you posted that Cussen connection. Never know when something like that will lead to a solid lead. Drake Court in High Wycombe is a great place to stay,just 30 minutes by train from London. The library has a nice geneaology section. I never know if I really send anything to anyone if they do not reply. Please let me know if you receive this. Would not have gone on and on except your posting was long also. I enjoy longwinded people.
Let mehear from you, please.

Cussen reply

Bill Brauker (View posts)
Posted: 18 Feb 2000 9:38AM GMT

Hi Paula,

I don't have your email, so I can't respond that way. Thanks for your message.

Bill Brauker

Family tree

Sandra McElligott-Black (View posts)
Posted: 20 Jan 2001 9:43AM GMT
I m a Mcelligott in Texas my father was born in detroit michigan I believe he told me his fathers name was Richard but that he had a few other relatives but was not exactly sure who or where I need help finding them for him please my fathers mothers name was Mary Agnus and great grandmother had the same name pls help.Thanks


Bill Brauker (View posts)
Posted: 20 Jan 2001 2:10PM GMT

I can't respond fully right now, but would be interested in what details you have about your McElligott family. Please email me at

I will gather together all the info I can and email it back to you.


Bill Brauker


Arlan Blodgett (View posts)
Posted: 22 Jan 2001 10:55PM GMT
Hello Sandra - I have a Richard in Mich. maybe the same one? What do you have on him?
Arlan Blodgett -

Re: Family tree

Ann Birnie (View posts)
Posted: 13 May 2003 11:27PM GMT
Classification: Query
This is a long shot, but my great great grandfather, T.H. McElligott, died in Detroit, Michigan in 1913. His father's name was Patrick and his mother's name was Marey Shea. Could there be any connection?

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