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Horn family, Edgecombe Co, NC, 18th Cent.

Horn family, Edgecombe Co, NC, 18th Cent.

peteham (View posts)
Posted: 21 Oct 1999 8:42AM GMT
Edited: 24 Jun 2001 1:15AM GMT
My 4-great grandmother was Milberry (Milbrey) Horn. She was born 4 Dec 1764 in Edgecombe Co, NC and died 19 Dec 1851 in Davidson Co, TN. She married Joseph Philips in 1782 in Edgecombe Co, NC. She was the daughter of William Horn (1738-1817) and his second wife, Mary Thomas (circa 1741-circa 1775). William Horn was the son of Henry Horn (1716-98) and Anne Purcell (1723-circa 1776). I am interested in corresponding with anyone having knowledge of or interest in this family.


LILLIAN (View posts)
Posted: 22 Oct 1999 12:35AM GMT
Edited: 15 Jul 2001 3:06AM GMT
William Horn b.abt.1760 VA.married Nancy HOLLAN-A SON,Henry H.HORN b 1 7 1801 NC.married Eunisa Jane Elder ,had 10 children with 5 born in Tenn.In San Augustine
TX. BY 1834,children William B.,Ransom H.,
Columbus c.,Robert E.,Fredrick N.,Henry H.jr.,the others,I only have initials for,can someone help me with full names of children + parents of William Horn and Nancy Hollan [ Holland ] I have lots of info.+ history on this family and will share.
Thanks Lillian Wall Sowell.

Virginia Horns

peteham (View posts)
Posted: 22 Oct 1999 7:24AM GMT
Edited: 24 Jun 2001 1:15AM GMT
Hi, Lillian --- My 5-great grandfather, William Horn, was born in 1738 in Nansemond Co, VA, but lived most of his adult life in Edgecombe Co, NC. You mentioned that "your" William Horn was born about 1760 in VA. If we have a family relationship here, it obviously must go back several generations farther.
I mentioned in my earlier posting that "my" William Horn was the son of Henry Horn and Anne Purcell. Henry Horn was the son of another William Horn, and Henry had an older brother named William Horn. All of these people were from Nansemond Co, VA. I don't have any additional information on the descendants of the earlier William Horns, but perhaps your ancestor descends from this line.
I understand that these people were Quakers. You might try checking out some of the Quaker records to see what you can learn. ("My" Henry Horn was apparently "kicked out" of the Quaker faith, reportedly for marrying outside the faith.)

Va Horns

Bill Horn (View posts)
Posted: 3 Nov 1999 3:49PM GMT
Hi Pete. I think your 6 g grandfather, Henry and my 5 g grandfather Richard are brothers. They had another brother named William (William of Nansemond) I have Williams children (Married Margaret Unknown) and Richards line to me. Lets correspond. Bill

Too many Williams and Henrys

Bill Horn (View posts)
Posted: 4 Nov 1999 1:04PM GMT
Hi again Pete. I got to checking my Williams and Henrys again and I think maybe your Henry was my Richards nephew. It gets confusing. Bill

Henry Horn (1716-98), m. Anne Purcell

peteham (View posts)
Posted: 4 Nov 1999 2:03PM GMT
Edited: 24 Jun 2001 1:15AM GMT
Hi, Bill ---- I'd love to correspond, and compare notes. My e-mail address is Please contact me. My 6-great grandfather, Henry Horn, was born 21 Nov 1716 in Nansemond Co, VA, and died in April 1798 in Wayne Co, NC, according to "Bible Records of Early Edgecombe". He was sometimes known as "Henry the Quaker". He married Anne Purcell in 1737, and they had 13 children. I descend from the eldest, his son William Horn.
Henry was the son of William Horn and his wife, Margaret Neal, of Nansemond Co, VA. William was born about 1690 in Nansemond Co, and died in 1759 in Nash Co, NC. He and Margaret had 8 children --- 7 boys and a girl. The boys were William, Henry, Charles, Moses, Thomas, Michael and John; the girl was Margaret. (No Richard.) The only Richard that I show was an uncle to this William Horn (husband of Margaret Neal.) I have no information on this Richard Horn, other than he was an older brother of "my" William Horn.

Nansemond Co. Horns

Bill Horn (View posts)
Posted: 4 Nov 1999 8:03PM GMT
Hi Pete.I see you've already discovered my error. My Richard was your Henrys uncle. My Richard apparently had 3 brothers, William, Henry and Moses. Their father was William. Richard married Sarah LEE and had 6 children. 1. Howell (my line) 2. James 3.Henry, 4 Rhoda, 5. Patience, 6. Hannah. Howell married Patsy CANNON and they had 11 children. Howell lived in Wilson Co., Tn. for a while but died in N.C. (The reason I'm doing this message is because your e-mail address didn't show up. My e-mail address is Please contact me there. Bill

Horn Family

bambimarie (View posts)
Posted: 1 Dec 1999 9:45AM GMT
Edited: 7 Oct 2005 2:02PM GMT
I am most interested in finding my ancestors. I have been able to trace my roots to Frederick Horn, Born in 1765. He married a woman named Catherine. I do not know how many children they had. My 4 great-grandfather, Henry Horn was their son. He was born in March of 1817 in Pike Cty Kentucky. He married Sarah Mattie Short on 3-13-1839. They had three children. Arminta Horn, Henry "Son" Horn, and Esquire Washington Horn. Henry "Son" was my 3 great grandfather. He was born March 6, 1837 in Tazewell Cty Virginia. If you can help me find out any more info on Frederick Horn, please contact me at my E-Mail. Thank-you!

my e-mail address

peteham (View posts)
Posted: 15 Dec 1999 3:11PM GMT
Edited: 24 Jun 2001 1:15AM GMT
For some reason, I see that my e-mail address is not appearing as I have entered it. I suspect that the webpage is set up to exclude them, but this prevents follow-up correspondence. To attempt to circumvent this "glitch", let me "spell out" my e-mail address. It is my name, "petehamilton", with no spaces and in lower case, followed by the @ symbol, then the word "hotmail" and then the "dot com". All lower case, no spaces. For those who would like to follow up on possible common Horn ancestors, please contact me directly.

Moses Lee

rh516 (View posts)
Posted: 22 Jan 2000 4:13PM GMT
Edited: 14 Aug 2001 2:15PM GMT
My Moses Lee (1752-1806) lived in S.C., but is thought to be connectd to the John Lee who lived on the border of NC and Va before 1723 when the line was drawn and he lived in N.C. whick was before in Nanesome Co., Va.
Joshua Lee, Godfrey Lee, John Lee and Dr Richard Lee.
I was excited to see that you named a Moses Lee as brother to Richard, Henry and William. It wouldn't be my Moses because of the time period, but might put my Moses in the family.
I researched long and hard on this line. Maybe we could put little bits and pieces together.
Rosemary Lee Henderson
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