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Leach Name Origins

Leach Name Origins

Gary Butts (View posts)
Posted: 12 Sep 2000 7:38AM GMT
I am looking for information on the origins of the Leach name. I am also gathering information about my grandparents, Earl and Della Leach of southern Indiana and northern Kentucky. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Contact me at


Leach name origins

Stephen Leach (View posts)
Posted: 17 Sep 2000 8:24AM GMT
I have heard in the past that the family were originally doctors and since the practice of blood letting was popular we took on the name leeche> Leach. While traveling in England a couple of years back we visited the town of North Leach and stood on the banks of the River Leach. A decon in one of the local churches told me that the name derived from the word Lech meaning river. Not sure which, if either, of the stories is correct.

Leach Name Origin

Gary Butts (View posts)
Posted: 17 Sep 2000 10:42AM GMT
Hi Steve.
Thanks, I appreciate the information. So I assume Leach is also of English origin? Do you have any other background information? Does the Leach family have a coat of arms?

Thanks Again.
Gary Butts

origin of the LEACH surname

Tom Leach (View posts)
Posted: 18 Sep 2000 11:53AM GMT
Check this site:
It's the most concise explanation of the origin of the surname.,
From this site, you'll also discover the coat of arms and other derrivations of the surname.

Origins of Leach Surname

Gary Butts (View posts)
Posted: 18 Sep 2000 6:57PM GMT
Thanks. I really appreciate the information.


Leach Origin

Leach1974 (View posts)
Posted: 15 Feb 2001 5:29PM GMT
Edited: 6 Dec 2001 11:01PM GMT
Hi Gary! I was wondering if you have checked
rootsweb for the Leach name? I found a pretty
interesting page. Try this link it should get you
Also I have found a few different coat of
arms for the Leach name I do not know
which is mine. Or how to find out.
I was told we came from Switzerland.
And that we started in Scotland but I am at
roadblock with my name and seem to be the only one
besides my cousin Linda
looking uo our Leach name.
Thanks ~ Mary Ann

Leach Coat of Arms

LeeLonee (View posts)
Posted: 6 May 2001 10:02AM GMT
Edited: 7 Jul 2001 6:13PM GMT
A picture of the Coat of Arms can be found in the book, Three Hundred Colonial Ancestors and War Service. I quote from pg 193: "The Coat of Arms has upon it three crowns, and the significance of these crowns is this: On one occation, about the year 1358, John Leach had the English King, Edward III, and his two prisoners, King David of Scotland and King John of France, as his guests, and as a token of the incident, on leaving, King Edward handed to Leach three crowns. Afterwards, when the King aranted him a large landed estate, three crowns were placed on his Arms." Further down the page it says that Lawrence Leach was descended from an ancient family in the west of England, and one of his ancestors was Dr. John Leach, surgeon to King Edward III. Lawrence is my 9th great-grandfather.

Leach Coat Of Arms

Gary Butts (View posts)
Posted: 7 May 2001 6:43PM GMT
Thanks I appreciate the information. If you should come across any other, please pass it my way.

Thanks Again


Duke of Earl/or Earle, English Title

patriciaj69 (View posts)
Posted: 12 May 2001 10:34AM GMT
Edited: 24 Aug 2001 1:49AM GMT
Dear Gary,
My ggrandfather,Frank Herbert Edgar Leach, claimed he was related to a Duke of Earl. This family had it's beginning thru Jeremiah
Endicott Leach born 1804 in Sangerville,ME, sp/ Rebecca Harvill/John Endicott Leach b/1830/sp Eleanor(Ellen)Babb. My ggrandfather was one of the 8 children of this family. The Babb line goes back to the
1600's toThaomas Babb, Isles of Shoales

Re: Leach Origin

pantila (View posts)
Posted: 25 Apr 2009 9:50PM GMT
Classification: Query
Part of us Leach's were a sept clan from Scottland

The coat of arms that I have here has 3 crowns on the shield and a crown on top of the shield with an arm coming through while holding a serpent.

We come from a man who was a surgeon to the King himself

other surnames include Leach, Leech, Leche, Leitch, Leich, Leetch
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