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Jonathan Snow Tibbetts

Jonathan Snow Tibbetts

cynditeeg (View posts)
Posted: 8 Jun 2012 7:21PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Tibbetts, Snow
I just received a message from the Mayflower Society denying an application. They say that according to their records Hannah Snow married Timothy Kemp. If that's the case why in the world would would Jonathan Tibbetts middle name be Snow?

I don't even know where to start to "prove" they were married....they said Benjamin Tibbetts married Hannah Rose, but that doesn't make sense because Jonathan's middle name is Snow....Help!

Re: Jonathan Snow Tibbetts

GloriaBeymerCheck (View posts)
Posted: 28 Nov 2012 1:15PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Kemp
Is there anyway you could email an attachment of the Mayflower Society Letter? Timothy Kemp did marry this Hannah Snow. Once I found a d.a.r. listing reflecting the Kemp marriage as being accepted but I can't find it!!
With the exception of 1 member, everyone has Hannah Snow married to Tibbetts. now has applications where people can refer to them, but they don't have any of the rejection letters and this is causing misinformation. Any help would be appreciated. I am

Re: Jonathan Snow Tibbetts

CManczuk (View posts)
Posted: 6 Feb 2013 1:03AM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 6 Feb 2013 1:06AM GMT
I am a descendant of Benjamin Tibbetts and Hannah Rose? so this interests me greatly. I originally thought that Benjamin Tibbetts married Hannah Snow due to May Jarvis' confident assertion that Mrs. Tibbetts was a Snow as well as the sheer number of people who included that union, but I think this has safely been debunked. Records local to the real Hannah Snow all indicate she lived her life in Harpswell, Maine, and was married to Timothy Kemp.

I contacted the Pejepscot Historical Society last year. They have a copy of the Harpswell Births Book, and it states verbatim, Harpswell Births, Book 1, p. 22:
"Timothy Kemp his children born of Hannah his wife daughter of Capt. John Snow." [list of children follows after]

I think that helps define who she was, and she didn't marry Tibbetts.

The Rose ancestry is begging to be solved, though.

I have looked around the Corinth/Condiskeag, Maine area of the time and didn't find any Roses, but I did find quite a few within 20 miles of Lebanon, York, Maine, where the Tibbetts had been a few generations before moving to Condiskeag.

If you come look at my tree CManczuk you'll see the stories/info I have gathered thus far on Rose or even Ross possibilities. I would love to have some partners in crime to figure out/resolve this longstanding issue. I think a lot of people probably do not want to give up the Snow heritage, so maybe that is why there have been so few (online at least) attempts to figure out the Rose angle.

Re: Jonathan Snow Tibbetts

BarbaraWilsonFord (View posts)
Posted: 6 Feb 2013 5:09PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Tibbets
I would just be thrilled if I could get past my Tibbets brick wall, beyond my great-great grandfather William McD Tibbets, b around 1839, probably Texas, died 1865, Missouri. I cannot find anything past him. So, when I read these interesting threads, I have no idea if it could be MY ancestor under discussion! Anyone know anything?

Re: Jonathan Snow Tibbetts

CManczuk (View posts)
Posted: 4 Sep 2013 4:51AM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 4 Sep 2013 5:24AM GMT
Surnames: Tibbetts, Rose, Snow, Hopkins, Berry
Have you taken the AncestryDNA test? I did. I have been searching cousin matches on there and have found a lot of people who are Snow/Hopkins descendants who are matches to me, but not through Tibbetts. I have to wonder if Hannah Snow/Rose WAS indeed a Snow somehow, if maybe through a maternal line? I have found some other cousin matches to people with last name Berry who might be related through Rose. I wonder if other people related to me have Berry as well.

My second great grand aunt May (Tibbetts) Jarvis seems to be the source of asserting the Benjamin Tibbetts/Hannah Snow union. I feel I have safely proven that the particular Hannah Snow that May Jarvis claims was wrong (that particular Hannah Snow, daughter of Jonathan Snow and Hannah Larabee) is NOT my ancestress (that Hannah Snow did indeed marry Timothy Kemp). I have not been able to prove to myself that my Hannah was not a Snow or Snow descendant, however.

May Jarvis says "She [Hannah] was related to Lemuel Snows[sic] of Harrison, Ohio, who had come west from Barnstable, Cape Cod, in 1814." I have loads of cousin matches to those particular Snows in Barnstable, going all the way back to Stephen Hopkins. So I think it is still quite possible our Hannah was a Snow somehow (and Mayflower descendant), just not how May Jarvis had it.

I hope anyone trying to figure out this issue take the AncestryDNA test (or any DNA test, and maybe upload the results to

Re: Jonathan Snow Tibbetts

CManczuk (View posts)
Posted: 17 Dec 2013 4:44AM GMT
Classification: Query
Sometimes I think our ancestors plotted to foil our every attempt to figure them out lol

I don't know. I saw the thread you took part in a few years back relating to that. I am now hoping that anyone with these kinds of questions will take the Ancestry DNA test. I'm on there and I think I am finally starting to make headway due to DNA matches.

I hope you'll consider it :-)


Re: Jonathan Snow Tibbetts

CManczuk (View posts)
Posted: 17 Dec 2013 5:05AM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 17 Dec 2013 7:26AM GMT
Surnames: Rose, Tibbetts, Small, Hooper, Lord, Tozier, Berry, Gibbons, Gibbins, Foss, Scammon, Tarbox, Milliken
Another call for possible Hannah "Snow" Rose Tibbetts descendants to do their DNA, preferably on Ancestry.

This is a story on my tree:
"She was related to Lemuel Snows of Harrison, Ohio, who had come west from Barnstable, Cape Cod, in 1814.

[Note of CManczuk: Harrison would likely be Harrison County(?) which is near Wheeling, at the far eastern part of Ohio]


Another New England relative often mentioned was cousin Billy Gray (William Gray, Esqr ) a merchant of Boston and Salem who owned a line of ships which sailed from Boston to Calcutta, Russia, and other places. It is not known whether he was connected on the Snow or Tibbetts' side, or possibly through the family of Lurana Young. William Gray, Esqr , who was of the third generation in this country, was born at Lynn Massachusetts, in 1750 and died in Boston in 1825. He was one of the largest ship owners in New England and is said to have had more ships than were included in the United States Navy before the Civil War. (See New England History and General Register, Vol. 80, page 328, July, 1926.)

The tradition in the family is that this, ‘cousin Billy Gray,’ visited Benjamin and Hannah (Snow) Tibbetts after they removed to Indiana in 1816, and if so, he undoubtedly came by stage coach to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and from there down the Ohio River by boat to Lawrenceburg, Indiana.


Excerpt from:
Text from an from an original manuscript "The Tibbetts Family 1635-1940" by May (Tibbetts) Jarvis of San Diego, California c. 1940. Transcribed by Stephen K. Clark; 4th Great Grandson of Benjamin Tibbetts."

If Hannah was the one related to William "Billy" Gray (or more likely his wife Elizabeth Chipman) and Lemuel Snow/Snows, then she could very well be a Snow descendant.

I have a working theory that Hannah Rose was a daughter of Solomon Rose, son of Solomon Rose and Sarah Hooper, all from York County, Maine. I have not proven it, though. If this is the case then she was likely born in York County, Maine, and may have possibly married there. If she is indeed a daughter of Solomon Rose (b about 1731) then he lived by some Tibbetts folks in 1790 in Pepperellboro, York, Maine (they may also have lived in Biddeford).

I think the Roses I'm looking at may have been fishermen or sailors.

There are certain clusters of name that I THINK are Hannah Rose's relations: Lord, Tozier, Hooper, Small, Berry, Gibbins/Gibbons, Foss, Scammon, Milliken, Tarbox, possibly Philbrick. I think it possible that Hannah's daughter in law Phoebe Milliken Tibbetts was some sort of a relation, but not sure.

If anyone who has taken the DNA test on Ancestry can search for those names and find matches among those names in Massachusetts/New Hampshire/Maine, I would be VERY interested.

A new theory

CManczuk (View posts)
Posted: 15 Mar 2014 1:29AM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 18 Mar 2014 8:18PM GMT
Surnames: Snow, Rose, Tibbetts
Like others before me, I have wrangled with the maiden name of Mrs. Hannah Tibbetts (1772/1773 - 1844, my 5th great grandmother), wife of Benjamin Tibbetts (1769-1853). My 2nd great grand aunt, May (Tibbetts) Jarvis, famous Tibbetts genealogist, contended that Hannah was Hannah Snow, daughter of Captain John Snow and Hannah Larrabee. While a recent discovery I have makes a very strong (yet not airtight) argument that Hannah was indeed a Hannah Snow, she was NOT the daughter of John Snow and Hannah Larrabee, but instead most likely the daughter of Phillip Snow and Abigail (possibly Townsend).

I find Benjamin Tibbetts on the 1800 Census. He was in Ohio, Hancock, Maine (Ohio was later renamed Corinth in 1811). A list of the inhabitants, with the place they emigrated to Ohio from helpfully added by the census taker (and I noted the parents and wives of selected people):

William Lankester (emigrated from Kennebec)

Icabod Clark (emigrated from St Johns)

Elisha Mayo (emigrated from Kennebec, married to Abigail Tibbetts, sister of Benjamin Tibbetts)

Lem'l Tozier (married Sarah Lancaster, his parents were John Tozier and Sarah Pattee) (emigrated from Kennebec)

Benjamin Tibbetts (emigrated from Goldsboro)

Asahel Skinner

Dan'l Skinner

Josiah Simpson (emigrated from Nottingham)

Robert C(?) Campbell

Jer'h Rose (Jeremiah Rose married Sarah Snow, his parents were Joseph Rose and Mary Pattee) (emigrated from Kennebec)

Jon'a Snow (married Mary Tibbetts) (emigrated from Goldsboro)

Edward Wilkins (emigrated from Boston)

Levi Bradley

Philip Snow (emigrated from Kennebec)

Daniel Budge

Pecalus Clark (emigrated from Cornish)

In investigating all of the above I discovered a VERY interesting fact about Phillip Snow. He married Mrs. Abigail Townsend (possibly a widow?) in 1772 and their first daughter was Hannah Snow, born on 21 March 1773 in Hallowell, Kennebec, Maine. Citation:

Source Citation: Maine State Archives; Cultural Building, 84 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04333-0084; Pre 1892 Delayed Returns; Roll #: 93.

Source Information: Maine, Birth Records, 1621-1922 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2010.

Original data: Maine Birth Records, 1621-1922. Augusta, Maine: Maine State Archives.

Please note that Mrs. Hannah Tibbetts was listed as born on 21 March 1772 in the Corinth book on births and deaths. Citation: uliecorinth/RecordOfBirthsDeaths.html

The Philip Snow in the 1800 Census had emigrated from Kennebec, and was living in the same small community as Benjamin Tibbetts. Furthermore, Philip and Abigail Snow's daughter Sarah Snow had married Jeremiah Rose, who was living in the same community as well.

Philip Snow was a son of Jonathan Snow and Sarah LNU, and ultimately came from the Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts Snows. The Jonathan Snow in the 1800 census above was the son of Capt John Snow and Hannah Larrabee, and ultimately from a different line of Snows than Philip. I believe that this lead to May Jarvis's confusion about Hannah Snow's parents. To have two Snow men with different lineages in the same area is confusing enough, but then Benjamin Tibbetts' sister Mary Tibbetts was married to Jonathan Snow of Harpswell (and thus the brother-in-law, not husband, of the Harpswell Hannah Snow). Whew.

One source that is used to show Hannah was not a Hannah Snow is the The Bangor Historical Magazine, 1889, Volume 4, page 21. "William Tebbets, Senior and Family." by David W. Haynes. "BENJAMIN, m. Hannah Rose; moved to Indiana." May Jarvis saw this record and dismissed it out of hand. Whatever she had been told it was that Hannah was a Snow, not a Rose. I personally spent quite a bit of time researching possibly relevant Roses in Maine, and while I found some compelling leads, was not able to prove to myself or others that Hannah was a Rose. And indeed, after finding out that that the Philip Snow in Ohio, Hancock, Maine had a daughter Hannah Rose who was born 21 Mar 1773, I felt the two transcribed birthdate discrepancies of the Corinth and Maine birth records were insignificant. (However, I can understand if there those who would discredit Hannah Snow being the daughter of Philip Snow due to the difference in the year, despite the exact same day and month--I think it entirely possible that there were two Hannah Snows born exactly a year apart, but not too likely).

Beside the year difference, I do have one minor doubt, that a number of Ancestry trees have Philip Snow's daughter Hannah dying in Feb 1800. Unfortunately not a single bit of reasonable evidence is offered to support the claim. It seems to be based on a Hannah Snow who married Samuel Whitney in Goreham, Cumberland, Maine in 1798. Note that Goreham is 134 miles from Corinth, Maine. The records I find on that also say that she was the daughter of Capt Philip Snow of Barnstable, MA (which is not where the Philip Snow in Ohio/Corinth, Maine, was from by any means, so that is most certainly wrong, nor was he ever known to be a Captain). I'm sure Samuel Whitney's first wife WAS a Hannah Snow, but she was most certainly a different one.

I suspect, but cannot prove yet, that the reason Hannah was referred to in the Bangor article as a Rose might be due to the fact that Hannah's likely sister, Sarah Snow, married Jeremiah Rose. Thus Hannah MAY have been referred to as Sarah Rose's sister, as Sarah was probably called Sarah ROSE (not Sarah Snow) after marriage, and thus the confusion (possibly).

Many Tibbetts descendants have taken May Jarvis at her word and tried to apply to the Mayflower Society through Hannah Snow. The problem is, the evidence does not back up the claim that Hannah Snow was the daughter of Capt John Snow of Harpswell, Maine. Thus, the Society always rejects those applications through that line. Hannah, the daughter of Capt John Snow and Hannah Larrabee/Leatherby of Harpswell, Maine, married Timothy Kemp.

Furthermore, the birthdate of the Harpswell Hannah Snow is DIFFERENT than the Hannah Snow who married Benjamin Tibbetts.

Check out the differences:

Hannah Snow (daughter of Capt John Snow and Hannah Larrabee)

b. 22 Jan 1772 (according to Harpswell Births, Book 1, p.1)

Hannah (who married Benjamin Tibbetts)

b. 21 Mar 1772 (according to Corinth, Maine early records, transcribed available at )

Those are different birthdates.

Furthermore, while there is as yet no marriage record found concerning Benjamin Tibbetts, there is both an intention to marry and a marriage record for the Hannah Snow in Harpswell marrying Timothy Kemp:

Harpswell Marriage Intentions:

Oct. 3, 1795 Timothy Kemp and Hannah Snow

Brunswick, Maine, Records, vol. 1, p. 475:

Dec. 3, 1795 Timothy Kamp married to Hannah Snow

Hannah's children with Timothy Kemp are recorded this way in the Harpswell Births, Book 1, p. 22 (verbatim):

Timothy Kemp his children born of Hannah his wife daughter of Capt. John Snow. (names of children follow)

The above records were already presented by William H Waite (of Wilmington, DE), in Genealogies of Mayflower Families, Vol. III (page 583-584, available on Ancestry) as disproving May Jarvis' claim that her ancestress was the Harpswell Hannah Snow. Anyone clinging to the May Jarvis version of Hannah Snow's ancestry are arguing in the face of some pretty decent evidence to the contrary. Anyone using the May Jarvis Hannah Snow genealogy to prove they are Mayflower descendants along that SNOW lineage are warned that the claim WILL be rejected by the Mayflower Society. Don't waste your time!

This is not to blast May Jarvis. She was a fabulous genealogist who dedicated many many years to her craft, and it is because of her work that so much is known about the Tibbetts family. I use her work extensively and generally trust the vast majority of her information. I am sorry she didn't live in this age of genealogy--she would have loved it!

Re: Jonathan Snow Tibbetts

CManczuk (View posts)
Posted: 15 Mar 2014 1:40AM GMT
Classification: Query
I have a theory (and I think a good one, finally!) that Hannah was Hannah Snow, daughter of Philip Snow and Abigail, and her grandfather's name was Jonathan Snow.

If I can finalize my conclusion above to my satisfaction, I will be contacting the Mayflower Society to inform them that they are wrong as well--Hannah was Hannah Snow, NOT Hannah Rose.
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