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curmudgeonatlarge (View posts)
Posted: 31 Mar 1998 12:00PM GMT
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Edited: 22 Jun 2001 4:27PM GMT

Seeking information on descendants of Abner WILLIS AND Eve SIFERT, married 1803 in Wythe Co., Va., but settled in Russel Co. They had children:
Isaac (1804-1888)
John (1805-1855)
David (ca. 1808- 1891)
Alexander (1811-1890)
Jane H. (1812-1887)
Nancy C. (Ca. 1813-)
Martha (1817- )
Amos (1818-1882)
Biddy Ann (1822-1890)

Have extensive information on descendants of Amos, less on others, but some information on all. Some evidence suggest Eve was descended from a Rowan Co NC family (surname commonly spelled 'Sieffort', but many variations, but connection not proven.

Also seeking information on Abner's parents, but nothing to go on. Earliest record of couple is marriage banns published 1803 in Wytheville.


David L. Hess (View posts)
Posted: 1 Apr 1998 12:00PM GMT
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The information you are looking for is on the "Family Tree Maker - World Family Tree Volume 11"

Volume 11, Tree #2735

This file contains 7,634 individuals and is 7952KB. Part of this file is five(5) pages of Descendants of Abner WILLIS of Russell Co., VA.

A lot of the information was under Nancy C., with some under Martha, Jane H., and Biddy Ann.

Hope this helps!


GThompson5 (View posts)
Posted: 5 Jul 2003 9:35PM GMT
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Edited: 23 Sep 2003 11:25AM GMT
I have no information other than what you have already posted.

However, I am in the same lineage as Abner and Amos. Mine goes

1. Abner
2. Amos
3. James C.
4. Isaac
5. Mildred. (My grandmother)

My grandmother was in possession of a book about the Willis Family and other early Virginia settlers of Russel and Dickenson County (I believe perhaps someone in the family put it together and gave it to her in the early sixties). I know she had sat down with me in the early 70s and talked about things in the book (names, photgraphs, live as she knew it). I have been unable to locate the book since she passed away, but I think it might be in my sisters possession. I am hoping to go home sometime this year and have her cough it up on loan. I wasn't sure if you were aware of a book or not. Anyway, if I get it, and it has some interesting things in it, I'll let you know.


salsdaycare1 (View posts)
Posted: 2 Apr 2011 9:46PM GMT
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Were you ever able to have your sister cough up the book lol? What did you find out? Hoping you check the board at times.

I'd love to find out more as it sounds like I am related, although the Willis Dna project I am in is Washington County, VA. But his wife, and most of the kids are spot on.


cjwillis8279 (View posts)
Posted: 21 Jun 2012 6:57PM GMT
Classification: Query
Hi, My name is Crystal Willis. My father was Carl Jackson Willis, his father John Willis-Jane Dotson of Lebanon Va. I am looking for more information. I read the bio on Abner Willis/Eve Siefert and I think that they would be my great=great gparents. I am interested in any info of Jane Dotson, my grandfather John willis's second wife and my gmother. This is all new to me, but so interesting. Thanks for any help.


wmwillis2 (View posts)
Posted: 21 Jun 2012 7:27PM GMT
Classification: Query
Hi Crystal
I'm afraid I can't help you very much here, as Its been many years since I seriously worked this line. In anycase, I pretty much said all that I knew in the biography, other than what I had on my own line (Amos Willis, son of Abner).
However, since my primary interest is the early settlers in SW VA (irrespective of their relationship to me), it may be that I'll come across information about your Dotson line, and will try to get back to you on it.


PatriciaHamill51 (View posts)
Posted: 21 Jun 2012 8:23PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Willis, Dotson, Plumer, Klepper
Hi I sent you a note via the mail list then thought - you might not belong.
I am very interested -- many reasons. I think that John/Jonah Willis and Emily Jane Dotson where John/Jonah Willis is the son of David Jesse Willis and Mary Francis Ashley.
I have in my records that Emily Jane Dotson is the daughter of Allen Dotson & Martha J Plummer. Allen married twice with Martha Plummer being his first wife.
Are these the folks you are interested in ?

I am the Grand-daughter of Roxie Willis Klepper, sister to John/Jonah Willis. My mom had been adopted out of the family and raised in Florida. What I know is from genealogical research and those folks whom I have met thru genealogy. Recently I have met another cousin via atDNA testing - her ancestor was Elizabeth, sister of John/Jonah Willis.


cjwillis8279 (View posts)
Posted: 21 Jun 2012 8:51PM GMT
Classification: Query
Hi william, Thanks for the response. You completed the bio? That is a great piece, must have taken many hours. Looks like we may be distantly related? Let me know if you have any other info. Thanks!!


cjwillis8279 (View posts)
Posted: 21 Jun 2012 9:02PM GMT
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Hi, Thanks for the info about emily jane dotson. however, john willis had a brother named jonah and their parents were richard and martha (williams)willis. David Jessee was also a brother of john and jonah. There is a bio where i got alot of good info, abner willis & eve siefert listed on here. That maybe helpful. Thanks again.


PatriciaHamill51 (View posts)
Posted: 21 Jun 2012 9:21PM GMT
Classification: Query
oh Your right!!

I am of David Jesse Willis line, son of Richard Willis and Martha Williams.
I just got a bit excited.
I have been very interested in three sons: David Jessee, George, and John/Jonas.
David Jesse Willis second wife is Mary Francis Ashley.
George Willis's wife is Sarah Tilson.
John/Jonas Willi's first wife Alice Freeman.
I think that those three girls are related.
Mary Francis Ashley as the daughter of Elizabeth Freeman & John Ashley
Sarah Tilson as the daughter of Martha Freeman & William Tilson & Grand-daughter of Elizabeth Freeman & unknown father.
Alice Freeman, daughter of America Freeman [she could have be a America Bishop married to a John Freeman. Elizabeth Freeman has a brother named John Freeman.

Since becoming involved and overwhelmed with DNA -- I am interested in everyone.

If this is the John/Jonas Willis you are interested in, I do have a bit more on Emily Jane Dotson's family -- happy to share.

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