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Mrs George Haight 1929

Mrs George Haight 1929

L.MARSHALL (View posts)
Posted: 8 Jun 2001 12:00PM GMT
Classification: Obituary
Edited: 24 Jun 2001 1:26AM GMT
Digby Courier July 12 1929


The death occured at Rossway on Monday June 10th.of Mrs George Haight ,eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs Hadden Westcott of Waterford , at the early age of 29 years and 2 months.The deceased had been in failing health since last fall with consumption. She leaves to mourn besides a
sorrowing husband two small children , Audrey age 5 and Winthrop aged 2, a father and mother ,4 sisters and 4 brothers. [Florence ]Mrs Kenneth Merritt of Mink Cove, Daisy , Imelda and Alda at home, Leigh in Chicago,
Wilfred , Sidney and Aubrey at home.
The deceased was a member of the First Digby Neck Baptist church.
The funeral service was conducted by the Rev. J.T. Dimock from the Baptist Church at Rossway. Interment was in the Baptist Cemetery at Rossway.

Re: Mrs George Haight 1929

sherileediebold (View posts)
Posted: 3 Jun 2008 4:37PM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 12 Sep 2011 5:03PM GMT
Surnames: Haight, Walker
Would this Mrs. George Haight be any relation to my great grandfather Isaah (sp?) Haight? He owned land on Digby Neck and sold some to a Westcott. My mother's best friend's maiden name is/was Westcott and Phyllis Westcott still lives in the old age home in Digby and visits her digby neck home regularly. My grandmother was Sylvia Haight and she married Percy Walker and they lived on land given to them by Isaiah (sp?) Height. When Percy Walker passed away the land was left to his children which brought it back into the family so to speak.

Re: Mrs George Haight 1929

Jared Handspicker (View posts)
Posted: 3 Jun 2008 5:01PM GMT
Classification: Query
That would depend. Which Isaiah was your great-grandfather? The one born 1866 or 1906?

George Henry Haight m. 16-May-1923, at Rossway, Digby Co, NS, s/o Isaiah Haight and Alvretta (Haight), aged 25, b. Rossway, Digby Co, NS, to Lena Gertrude Westcott, d/o Hadden Westcott and Annie Woodman?, aged 23, b. Waterford, Digby Co, NS.

So, George was a son of Isaiah Haight. Whether or not that's the same Isaiah who was your great-grandfather, I guess would be determined by what you know about him (B, M, D, etc).

Isaiah and Alvretta had a son, Isaiah Johnson Haight, b. 09-Nov-1906, Rossway (Gulliver's Cove). He married 29-Jun-1927, to Alma C. Dakin, aged 21, b. Centreville, Digby, d/o Ingram and Addie Dakin.

His father, also Isaiah J. Haight, b. 27-Sep-1866, Digby Neck, Isaiah J. Haight, son of Charles and Lucinda Haight. Charles and Lucinda m. 1863, Weymouth, Digby Co, NS.

Family found in 1911 Canada Census for Rossway, Digby Co. George Henry's DOB listed as Feb-1897 in that census.


Re: Mrs George Haight 1929

sherileediebold (View posts)
Posted: 3 Jun 2008 5:43PM GMT
Classification: Query
It would be Isaiah Johnson Haight who would be my great grandfather and Alma C. Dakin my great Grandmother. Alma C. Dakin passed away young and Isaiah Johnson Haight remarried. My grandmother, Isaiah's daughter Sylvia and my mom her daughter Sharon, then me.

Re: Mrs George Haight 1929

Jared Handspicker (View posts)
Posted: 3 Jun 2008 6:15PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: HAIGHT
Okay, then, here's some more info...

1871 through 1891 Census enumerations in Digby County, for Digby Town (D1) and Rossway (R):

HAIGHT, Charles D1,R 45m 51m 62w carpenter
Lucinda 29m 39m -
Durias (s) 18 - - carpenter
Charles 15 -
Aliza 6 16
Isaiah 4 14 25m farmer
Claretta (dil) - - 21m
Benjamin 2 12
Leslie T. (s) Dec'70 10 24
William 75m - - farmer
Margaret 67m -
Lizza - 5 14
Berdetta - 1 11
SABINE, Anna - 14 -

Further information on HAIGHT line:

Isaiah (Sr.) b. 1866, s/o Charles Haight and Lucinda ?

Charles b.


1911 Rossway:

1 35 Haight Isiah M Head M Sep 1866 45
2 35 Haight Alfretta F Wife M May 1868 43
3 35 Haight Bessie F Daughter M Mar 1893 18
4 35 Haight Guy M Son S Nov 1894 17
5 35 Haight George M Son S Feb 1897 14
6 35 Haight Chester M Son S Jun 1899 12
7 35 Haight Lucy F Daughter S May 1892 9
8 35 Haight Axel M Son S Jan 1905 6
9 35 Haight Isiah M Son S Nov 1906 5
10 25 Haight Mary F Daughter S Jul 1908 3
11 35 Haight Perl F Daughter S Jan 1910 1

12 36 Haight Leslie M Head M Dec 1871 40
13 36 Haight Hilma F Wife M Dec 1864 47
14 36 Haight Olga F Daughter S Aug 1899 12
15 36 Haight Ingeborg F Daughter S Oct 1900 11
16 36 Haight Charles M G. Father W Jul 1828 83

1911 Rossway:

3 35 Haight Charles M Head W Jul 21 1828 72

4 4 36 Haight Leslie T M Head M Dec 16 1870 30
4 5 36 Haight Hilma F Wife M Dec 29 1860 40
4 6 36 Haight Olga H S F Daughter S Aug 31 1899 1
4 7 36 Haight Ingeborge E B F Daughter S Oct 11 1900 1

4 8 37 Haight Isiah J M Head M Sep 27 1866 34
4 9 37 Haight Alveretta F Wife M May 28 1866 34
4 10 37 Haight Bessie A F Daughter S Dec 6 1890 10
4 11 37 Haight Guy C M Son S Nov 7 1894 7
4 12 37 Haight George H M Son S Feb 4 1898 3
4 13 37 Haight Chester J M Son S Jun 12 1899 1
4 14 37 Barns Walter M Servant S Oct 9 1885 17

Charles b. 21-Jul-1828 (apparently son of William and Margaret, given 1871 Digby Census, above.
He died, 24-Feb-1912, Rossway.

wife Lucinda Sabean, b. @1842

Charles and Lucinda m. 1863, Digby Co, marriage bond dated 06-Oct-1863, with Joseph Sabean (perhaps father or brother of Lucinda?). Charles was of Digby, and Joseph of Clare (as was Lucinda).

William Haight, b. @1796
Margaret UNK, b. @1804

According to LDS site:

Charles Chipman Haight, b. 21-Jul-1828, North Range, Digby Co, NS, d. 29-Feb-1912, North Range, Digby Co, NS, buried Baptist Cemetery in Rossway.

Married 20-Oct-1862 (see below), to Lucinda Sabean (this doesn't fit, since the Marriage Bond wassn't even signed until 06-Oct-1863, and the document is viewable at, so I DOUBLE checked and 1863 is correct.

More from LDS...
Lucinda listed b. 15-Feb-1842, Weymouth?, d. 21-Jul-1887, d/o Benjamin Sabean and Rachel Mullen.
(I have those two in my own database, as do, likely, most with Sabean connections in Digby).

Here's just the 1881 Census transcribed from same LDS site:

1881, Rossway, Digby Co, NS:

Charles HEIGHT M Male English 51 Nova Scotia Carpenter Baptist
Lucinda HEIGHT M Female English 39 Nova Scotia Baptist
Abija HEIGHT Male English 16 Nova Scotia Farmers Son Baptist
Iziah HEIGHT Male English 14 Nova Scotia Farmers Son Baptist
Benjamin HEIGHT Male English 12 Nova Scotia Baptist
Lessley HEIGHT Male English 10 Nova Scotia Baptist
Lyza HEIGHT Female English 5 Nova Scotia Baptist
Berdetta HEIGHT Female English 1 Nova Scotia Baptist
Anna SABINE Female English 14 Nova Scotia Disciple of Christ

Also from LDS site,

Charles Chipman Haight was s/o William Haight and Margaret Johnson (as suspected from 1871 Census entry, where they were living in same household as Charles and Lucinda).

LDS also lists a previous marriage for Charles, to a Ruth Coombs, 21-Nov-1852, North Range, Digby Co, NS. I would take a stab and therefore guess that Durias/Dorias and Charles, as listed in the 1871-91 Digby Census enumeration, might have been her children, then, as they were both born before the 1862 marriage date for Charles and Lucinda. There's no death date listed for Ruth, but she was b. @1832, based on that entry (this could also be an estimate based on date of marriage, as was often done.

From a transcription of the burials in Rossway Baptist Cemetery (listed by Sheryl Stanton):

George W HAIGHT Apr 25, 1879 7 years old
Abijah Haight ( Drowned ) Feb 20, 1885 21 years old
William Haight Jan 29, 1877 81 years old
Wife: Margaret Haight Mar 19, 1875 75 years old
Ruth Haight May 28, 1862 30 years old
Lucinda Haight July 21, 1887 45 years old

Isiah J HAIGHT 1866-1940
Wife: Alveretta Haight 1866-1934
Pearl L Haight 1910-1935

Other HAIGHTs buried same location:

Leslie T HAIGHT Dec 16, 1870- June 28, 1945
Wife: Hilma Augusta Haight Dec 29, 1860- Aug 10, 1945

Winthrop D HAIGHT June 7, 1927-
Wife: Marie T Haight Aug 17, 1929- Mar 4, 1991

Guy G HAIGHT 1894-1971
Winnifred E Haight 1897-1949

Irving Allen HAIGHT Sept 3, 1902-May 15, 1952
Wife: Laura Ann (SABEAN) 1908-Jan 12, 1994

Chester D HAIGHT 1899-1980
Wife: Leta M (HUTCHINS) Haight 1902-1985
Son: Murrey D Haight 1921-

LDS has very little on William, and one POSSIBLE marriage in 1820 to a Mary Watkins.

Apparently, the local library in Digby and/or the Admiral Digby Museum has a book on the HAIGHT family of the area.

Re: Mrs George Haight 1929

sherileediebold (View posts)
Posted: 3 Jun 2008 7:52PM GMT
Classification: Query
Wow thank you. That would make George Haight my great grandfathers brother then.

Re: Mrs George Haight 1929

Jared Handspicker (View posts)
Posted: 4 Jun 2008 1:38AM GMT
Classification: Query
Indeed, both sons of Isaiah b. 1866, George being the elder of Isaiah Johnson, by about 9 years.


Re: Mrs George Haight 1929

swampchick79 (View posts)
Posted: 14 Feb 2009 3:40AM GMT
Classification: Query
hi this is edward haight my grand fathers name is isiah{izee} haight grand mother alma my father is churchill haight do you know them

Re: Mrs George Haight 1929

sherileediebold (View posts)
Posted: 16 Feb 2009 2:49AM GMT
Classification: Query
LOL you probably don't remember me because you were just a little tyke but I'm your cousin. We often visited your place. I remember a goat chasing me LOL. I loved going there when you lived with Churchill on Digby Neck. We live in Ontario now. I have your sister Faye on my Facebook. I have quite a family tree compiled so far but have some blanks on your side of the family because I'm not sure of Angie's family.
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