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Sir Robert Harbin

Sir Robert Harbin

R J Huckaby (View posts)
Posted: 31 Aug 2000 8:15AM GMT
Does anyone have any information on SIR THOMAS HARBIN, England, or Scotland. I've tried weveral search engines but have as of yet to find any thing on him. Would you please E-mail me
Papa J

Sir Robert Harbin

Alice (View posts)
Posted: 31 Dec 2000 8:05PM GMT
Sir Robert Harbin, born 1536 in Villag of Milton Abbas, Dorsetshire,England,died 12/24/1621 in Newton Summerville Home. When was your Sir Robert born??

Sir Robert Harbin

R J Huckaby (View posts)
Posted: 1 Jan 2001 2:21PM GMT
All I know about him is he was born in 1536, in England. I've been hoping to find out more information about him. My Grandmother was Emma Elisabeth Harbin DOB 1894, DOD 1995.
Her father name was Charlies Nathaial Harbin.

I am a harbin from England

Marnetta Harbin (View posts)
Posted: 29 Jan 2001 11:41AM GMT
I believe we maybe cousins. My family is from Alabama, my dad was born in Winfield on November 26, 1938. My grandparents are Alonzo and Jessi Butler Harbin. My dad was one of 8 kids, 4 brothers and 3 sister. If you have any informations please e-mail me.

Harbin family Emory, Texas

RJ Huckaby\Huckabay (View posts)
Posted: 29 Jan 2001 12:43PM GMT
My grandmother was EMMA ELISABETH HARBIN HUCKABAY. DOB 1894,DOD 1995. She was born in Emory,Texas as far as I can tell, but that could change. Her father was Charlies Nathanial Harbin, and mother was Mary Orr Gay or Guy. I believe them to have been born in Tennessee. I've been told by several other people that Charlies Nathanial Harbin is related to Sir Robert Harbin DOB 1536, England. I do NOT, have concrete support for that. I hope this helps! If you have any future information please send it to,

Thanks and as always; KEEP THE FAITH!

R J Huckaby\Huckabay

Plain Old Robert Harbins

John Paul Baremore (View posts)
Posted: 18 Feb 2001 10:36AM GMT
I have I have two plain old Robert Harbins in my tree, the first being born born in 1528 (England, Weeke, Gillingham) died 24 Dec 1621 and his grandson born 1589 (England, Yeovil, Somerset) d. 14 Mar 1657/58. If these are related in any way you know of to your Sir Robert Harbin, I would appreciate a reply

Sir Robert Harbin 1536

RJ Huckaby\Huckabay (View posts)
Posted: 18 Feb 2001 1:03PM GMT
This is what I have but have not been able to conferm.
Emma Elisabeth Harbin, Huckabay,1894-1992
Nathanial Harbin,1871,
John Harbin,????
Nathanial Harbin, 1734 Yeovill, England
Joseph Harbin 1646, Yeovill, England
Edward Harbin 1616, Yoevill, England
Robert Harbin 1589, England
John Harbin 1563, Yoevill, England
Sir Robert Harbin, 1536, England


John Paul Baremore (View posts)
Posted: 18 Feb 2001 5:23PM GMT
And from the same area of England. Perhaps our Roberts were cousins or even brothers. My line is as follows: Harry Lloyd Harbin (b. 1911 LA);continuing...James Lewis Jr.(b.1863 ALA) James Lewis Sr. (b. 1836 Ala.) Lewis B.(Bertrand?)(b.1811 TN)Nathaniel (S.C.) Jesse (b. 1745 MD) John (?) William (b. 1675 Somerset, Eng)Christopher (b. 1623 London, Eng.) Robert (b. 1589 Somerset Eng.) John (b. 1560 Somerset, Eng.) Robert (b. 1528 Gillingham, Eng.)

Re: Close...

Ed Williams (View posts)
Posted: 24 Aug 2001 11:38AM GMT
Classification: Query
Both of your Robert Harbin's are the same. Robert was born in 1526, was a mercer by profession, lived in Yeovil and died there. He is buried in St. John the Baptist Church. His house, located at the edge of town and named Newton Surmaville, was completed in 1612. If you pull up Yeovil on the internet maps, you can drill down and see where it is located. It still stands and is occupied by a distant Harbin relative, Mrs. Sophia Rawlins. Robert was granted his coat of arms in May, 1612 and given the title "Gentleman". He was not knighted. Paul, we have Lewis B. Harbin in common as he was my GG Grandfather. His son, John P., was my GGrandfather. So we are cousins. I have visited Lewis' grave in Berry, AL, where several Harbins are buried. If you want more info, let me know.

Re: Harbin

Marylou Harbin Stettler (View posts)
Posted: 26 Aug 2001 2:06PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Harbin, Henline,Joshua Ward, Hannah Victoria White
Does anyone have a connection to Squire Villiars (Villers,
Villars ?) Harbin Born Milton Iowa May 18, 1865 , Married Talitha Henline March 7, 1895 in Freeport Kansas, Died Anthony, Kansas July 30, 1907? His son was my father, William Calvin Harbin, born March 7, 1896, in
Freeport, Kansas, Died May 6, 1983 in Arkansas City, Kansas. Married to Ethel Delorus Platz Saunders, February 15, 1925 in Arkansas City, Kansas.
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